1. MAC-like damage detection indicator based on strain frequency response function
    Z.G. Jiang & Z. Zhang
  2. Damage identification in double-crack concrete beams through resonance and anti-resonance information
    D.S. Wang, H.P. Zhu & L. Li
  3. Damage localization based on the residual wavelet force
    G.R. Yan & Z.D. Duan
  4. Two-stage damage detection to a benchmark structure using ambient data
    L.H. Xu & J.R. Qian
  5. Damage identification of steel structures based on changes in the curvature of power spectral density
    S. Beskhyroun, T. Oshima, S. Mikami, Y. Tsubota & T. Takeda
  6. Damage diagnosis to a two-story steel braced-frame model structure
    X.D. Ji & J.R. Qian
  7. Research on damage detection of reticulated shell
    W. Liu, W.C. Gao & Y. Sun
  8. The research of structural damage detection using high order local modes
    L. Xu, G.L. Wu, W.J. Yi & Z.H. Yi
  9. Structural damage identification under strong earthquake excitation
    M.S. Gong & L.L. Xie
  10. Dynamic behavior of fracture piles of vertical oscillations
    B. Yan, H.L. Zhang & C.L. Wang
  11. A neural network approach to detect local structural damage for wooden houses
    D. Ju, Y. Hayashi & Y. Suzuki
  12. A damage detection approach considering the stiffness and mass variations
    R.J. Lin & F.P. Cheng
  13. Tendon breakages effect on static and modal parameters of a post-tensioned concrete girder
    O. Huth, C. Czaderski, A. Hejll, G. Feltrin & M. Motavalli
  14. Damage detection and localization algorithms for continuous static monitoring of structures
    A. Del Grosso & F. Lanata
  15. Application of improved stabilization diagram in modal parameter identification by stochastic subspace identification
    J. Chang, Q.W. Zhang & L.M. Sun
  16. Bridge damage identification by dynamic response of the passing vehicle based on response sensitivity
    J.Q. Bu & X.Q. Zhu
  17. Structural damage analysis for SHM system design of bridge
    D.H. Dan, L.M. Sun, J.H. Li & C. Zhou
  18. Element level system identification for structural damage assessment
    Z. Sun, C.C. Chang & L.M. Sun
  19. Damage indices for monitoring longitudinal cracks in steel-free bridge decks
    J.P. Newhook & C. Yang
  20. A new method for bridge structure health monitoring
    K. Huang, R. Yuan, W.L. Chiang, D. Chang & N.E. Huang
  21. Identifying and localizing distributed cracks in a complex continuum
    S. Casciati
  22. Damage location for offshore structures with mass elimination algorithm
    J.T. Jiang, Z.Q. Li & H.J. Li
  23. Instantaneous identification of rigid bodies on nonlinear support based on Volterra series representation
    G.V. Demarie, R. Ceravolo & A. De Stefano
  24. Improved damage detection algorithms for offshore jacket platforms based on partial measurement
    X. Shi, T. Matsui, N. Mei & J.H. Lu
  25. Evaluation of self-contained seismic sensors for bridge earthquake damage detection
    H.S. Li
  26. Development of a finite element system for vibration based damage identification in structures
    A. Bagchi
  27. Signal energy based index for structural damage detection
    J. Chen & J. Li
  28. Damage research of steel tube concrete arch bridges
    A.X. Guo, Z.J. Li & H. Li
  29. A combined method of wavelet and ANN for damage detection of structure
    H.N. Li & H.M. Sun
  30. An optimal sensor placement algorithm for structural health monitoring
    Q. Xie & S.T. Xue
  31. Damage identification utilizing harmonic excitation in static-like frequency-based inverse analysis
    A. Swiercz, P. Kołakowski & J. Holnicki-Szulc
  32. Atmospheric corrosion damage to steel space structures
    B. Chen, Y.L. Xu & W.L. Qu
  33. Optimal placement of sensors for structural health monitoring
    P. Liu, H.J. Liu, J. Teng & T.Y. Cao
  34. A dynamic model for delamination identification using MFRC patch
    P. Tan & L.Y. Tong
  35. Damage identification of structures based on stochastic models
    B. Huang, J.D. Zhang & W.H. Shi
  36. Damage identification based on test of even change point and homotopy continuation algorithm
    K.P. Zhang & H. Tan
  37. Parameter identification and qualitative sensitivity analysis of hysteretic model by particle swarm optimization
    J. Y. Peng & H. Li
  38. Damage identification of multi-storey buildings based on modal sensitivity analysis and genetic algorithm
    Y.N. Shi & B. He & H.P. Zhu
  39. Probabilistic identification of structural parameters using an integrated perturbation and Bayesian method
    X.G. Hua, Y.Q. Ni & J.M. Ko
  40. Structural damage detection using wavelet approach for two kinds of spike in the wavelet details
    W.Z. Qu, Y.L. Zeng & Y.J. Jiang
  41. Damage detection and bridge classification by ambient vibration monitoring
    P. Furtner & H. Wenzel
  42. Structural health monitoring of huge traditional timber structure in Japan
    Y. Hayashi, M. Miyamoto, A. Nii, Y. Suzuki & T. Morii
  43. Damage detection via genetic algorithms
    F. Casciati, L. Faravelli, F. Marazzi & R. Rossi
  44. Identification of structural parameters and damage characteristics based on the time domain matrix reconfiguration method
    L. He & J.P. Ou
  45. Identification of structural damage location based on BP neural network and Dempster-Shafter evidence theory
    H. Li & Y.Q. Bao
  46. A damage identification method based on time series analysis and multi-hierarchical improved BP network
    K. Zhang & Z.D. Duan
  47. ANN-based damage detection technique using acceleration response of nonlinear structural systems
    J.F. Choo, H.M. Koh & S. Kim
  48. Identification of site structure
    S.D. Glaser
  49. Comparison on variations of natural frequencies for wooden structural models with and without damages part 1, ANSYS based results
    S.T. Xue, N. Fujitani, Z.B. Wei & H.S. Tang
  50. Comparison on variations of natural frequencies for wooden structural models with and without damages part 2, shaking table based results
    S.T. Xue, N. Fujitani, Z.B. Wei & H.S. Tang
  51. Damage locating based on dynamic measurements from long-gage fiber optic sensors
    S.Z. Li, Z.S. Wu & S.T. Xue
  52. Three dimensional hybrid model for analysis of wave scattering in infinite plates
    S. Nayak & P. Banerji
  53. Measurement of the frequency-dependant wave velocity in NDT methods based on wavelet program
    L.H. Shi, G. Li & Q.W. Xu
  54. Data fusion technique and its application in structural health monitoring
    S.F. Jiang, G.K. Chan & C.M. Zhang
  55. An application of infrared CT simulation based on LM neural network for damage detection of concrete slabs
    T. Wang, M. Zhao & J. Li

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