Thank you for your interest in ISHMII membership.  We hope that our FAQs provide you with the information that you need in order to join, pay for a new membership or renew your ISHMII membership.  If you still have a questions, contact

Q.  What are the Annual Membership Dues for 2021? What Period does it Cover?

  • Membership dues cover one calendar year (January 1 through December 31).
  • Dues for a Full Individual member are $150 per year.
  • Dues for Corporate members are $500 and extend to up to 4 employees.
  • Dues for Student members are $50 per year with verification of current registration from the educational institution.
  • Dues for Student Group Members are $35 per student for groups of 3 or more students who study under the supervision of an ISHMII member.   Download the details and application.

Q.  How Do I Join or Renew My Membership?  Must I do it On-line?

  • New members may join and all members may renew their membership through the invoice link sent to them through our online system WildApricot (Personify).
  • New or renewing members have the option to download the membership application (.pdf) and submit it to the ISHMII Administrative Centre by email.
  • Student Group Memberships are an exception as the amount paid varies with the number of students.  At this time, ISHMII cannot handle the payment or application on-line, so it is done by email.

Q. How Do I Pay for My Membership?

  • On-line payment for memberships is handled through WildApricot (Personify) in USD  and this site is accessed when you complete the membership form.
  • Having a problem with WildApricot (Personify)?  We know about this.  Sometimes, WildApricot (Personify) declines a credit card simply because it does not accept certain types of credit cards, usually those associated with corporations or universities that exert their own controls on usage.  Just contact the ISHMII staff if you encounter this problem.
  • The staff can help if you need to pay directly by credit card, by check or bank transfer.
  •  The email that you receive from WildApricot (Personify) will serve as your invoice for your records.
  • Instructions for payments for a Student Group Membership will be handled on a per case basis.  For this reason, ISHMII asks for the name of the person handling the payment for the entire group.

Q.  What Else Do I Need to Know about a New Membership and its Payment?

  • New members who join on or after October 31 will have their membership extended through the upcoming calendar year.
  • Students applying for (or renewing) membership will receive instructions for submitting verification of their academic status.  Official documentation from the academic institution is required.  A photocopy of your student ID card is not accepted, but a letter from your lab director or professor is acceptable.

Q. How Do I Renew My Membership?  What is the Effective Date?

  • Your renewal date is January 1.
  • A membership paid after January 1 is retroactive to January 1.
  • Members are encouraged to renew membership annually in order to maintain access to benefits.
  • Look for a electronic renewal notice coming from WildApricot (Personify) and or  Announcements are issued to both active and lapsed members.
  • Members with questions regarding a renewal notice should address inquiries to
  • A Full member who has not renewed his or her membership by February 28 or a Corporate member who has not renewed by March 31 is considered lapsed and access to benefits of membership will be canceled.  Remember that a Corporate membership impacts the access of up to 4 people.

Q.  How Do I Renew a Student Membership?  I Graduated.  What is my Membership Status?  Can Post-docs get the Student Rate?

  • If you are a graduate or undergraduate student, Student memberships may be obtained or renewed on-line at the renewal portal under the Membership & Community page.
  • Student memberships require an annual verification of academic status, which is easily done by sending ISHMII a letter on University letterhead.  A pdf. is perfect.
  • When Student members graduate, he or she is not expected to upgrade to a Full membership until the next annual renewal period, so even if you graduate in June, your membership is active until the end of December.  Yes, that means that you can register at an official ISHMII conference or workshop at the student rate.  However, there are limitations to extending your membership using the special membership benefit that we describe below.
  • Post-researchers, fellows or visiting scholars are not considered as students.  We welcome you as a Full member.

Q.  How Do I Change the Member Names Under a Corporate Membership?

  • Corporate members should notify if the names of representatives change. An email will do.  Names can be changed during the year.
  • We require a individual corporate or personal email address for each Corporate member.

Q.  I am a Member.  Do I Receive a Reduced Registration Rate at Conferences and Workshops? Can I Extend or Renew My Current Membership by Attending an ISHMII Conference or Workshop?

  • Setting registration rates is a decision made by the conference or workshop organizing committee.  That committee may offer reduced rates based on membership or offer a  reduced early registration fee.
  • However, there is a special benefit of membership associated with attending an official ISHMII conference or workshop. A member in good standing who pays the full registration fee to attend an authorized ISHMII conference or workshop will normally receive a one-year membership renewal for the upcoming year. So, if you attend one of the ISHMII workshops in 2020 and pay the full registration fee, your membership for 2021will be paid in full unless you need to change your status such as from Student to Full member (more about that follows).
  • The organizing committee will announce whether this benefit is available.
  • This is a savings of $150 for a Full member and $50 for a continuing student member.  This exceptional benefit of membership can only be applied once in a calendar year even if you attend multiple ISHMII workshops or conferences. This is not cumulative. Information on multiple year memberships will be forthcoming.
  • Attendees at an official conference or workshop who do not pay the full registration fee, do not receive this benefit.  That means that Keynote speakers and presenters who receive a complimentary registration fee remain responsible for their membership renewal for the upcoming year.

Q.  I am Not an ISHMII Member.  Do I Receive a Membership If I Attend an ISHMII Conference or Workshop?

  • Yes.  This is tied to a benefit of membership and we are happy to welcome you to ISHMII membership. While this may vary by workshop or conference, non-members who pay the full registration fee to attend an authorized ISHMII conference or workshop usually receive a one-year membership.  The organizing committee will advertise whether this benefit is in effect.
  • If applicable, this membership is for the upcoming year.
  • Like all new members, you will receive a message containing your member ID and password for and information about benefits.
  • You will receive membership renewal notices at the end of the year.
  • Keynote speakers and presenters who receive a complimentary registration fee and are not ISHMII members do not become ISHMII members.

Q.  Can I Receive a Reduced Registration Fee If I Choose Not to Become and ISHMII Member?

  • This is an organizational decision made by the organizing committee in collaboration with ISHMII.  It is not the normal practice, but if it is the case, then the organizing committee will announce the rate.

Q.  My Employer Paid My Conference or Workshop Registration Fee.  How Does this Impact My Membership Fee for Next Year?

  • Your membership is associated with your name regardless of who covers your registration fee.  Be sure to register using your own name and email address (business, university or personal).
  • Is one person handling all of the conference or workshop registrations for your group?  Remind him or her that your own email address must be provided.

Q.  Can I Extend or Renew Our Corporate Membership by Attending a Conference or Workshop?

  • Generally, yes.  The event organizing committee will announce whether this benefit is available.
  • Corporate memberships cover up to individuals at an exceptional reduction in cost. When a Corporate member in good standing pays the full registration fee to attend an authorized conference or workshop, $150 is applied toward the renewal of the group’s Corporate membership.  So, if 3 individuals already associated with a Corporate membership attend the conference, then the Corporate organization will receive a credit of $450 toward its renewal, and if all 4 members attend, then the Corporate membership is renewed in full.
  • And, if your Corporate membership is not renewed, your membership is paid as an Individual Full membership.

Q.  How Do I Renew a Lapsed Membership?

  • Look for renewal notices or go on-line.
  • Lapsed memberships can be renewed on-line the same as other renewals.
  • The renewal of a Lapsed membership, paid at any time during the course of the year up to October 31, is retroactive to January 1.
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