Four ISHMII Presidents attending the 2017 ISHMII Conference in Brisbane, Australia, from left to right: Founding president Aftab Mufti, Farhad Ansari, Wolfgang Habel, and current president Zhishen Wu.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the ISHMII Web site.  I invite you to read my 2017 President’s Message, below, and to also read the 2016 President’s Letter sent to ISHMII members and friends in December 2016 as immediate Past President Wolfgang Habel completed his three-year term as President.  That letter summarizes the activities of ISHMII over the past two years, including our good progress toward growth goals.

My New Year’s greeting to you and a plan for the advancement of ISHMII in 2018-2019 can be found at Proposed Plan for the Future.

Public works civil infrastructure systems include many facilities and services, from highways, bridges, airports, seaports and railroads to water resources systems, oil and gas pipelines, offshore structures, high-voltage equipment and system facilities, and others; all characterized by high fixed costs and long economic lives.  Each system or structure is critical to economic development.  Together, they function as complimentary industries.  This is the arena in which we work.

ISHMII is an international society with a truly global perspective. 

Our mission is to advance the understanding and the application of health monitoring methodologies for the condition assessment and management of the civil infrastructure systems. 

As an engineering professional society, our objective is to share the knowledge and experience in technologies impacting the discipline of Civil Structural Health Monitoring (CSHM).  These include sensors, instrumentation, monitoring strategies, data mining, management, and interpretation for decision making processes, case studies, and more.  Since its inception in 2003, ISHMII has promoted international collaborations, encouraged owners to build intelligent structures, demonstrated the benefits of CSHM methodologies for maintenance of structures, and advanced the state-of-practice.

ISHMII is in a unique position to address the challenges facing the infrastructure of the 21st century. 

I invite you to be part of ISHMII, to bring in your competence and ideas whether coming from academic level, the industrial environment or from public authorities and political organizations.  You may share research briefs and, from the corporate technical side,  information on new products and services, both in The Monitor.

If you have not yet joined, please visit our Membership page.  You can join as an Individual, a Corporate or Student Member.  We have recently, introduced a Student Group Membership to encourage those studying with an ISHMII member to become active in the Society. 

It will be only through structural health monitoring where it will be possible to safely extend the service lives of the mature infrastructures of industrial nations or construct more daring futuristic larger span bridges, rail links and modern infrastructure systems in developing countries. Much more needs to be done. That is why ISHMII needs you as highly respected expert regardless of which technical field or continent you may come to be an active participant in the development of our society and the advancement of the understanding of our field.

As the President of this society, I am pleased to welcome you all as already or potential members.  I look forward in working with you to accomplish our objectives and in furthering the important work of ISHMII. If you have questions, you are welcome to contact me or the ISHMII administrative office.

With best wishes,

Zhishen Wu, President

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