Seven new committees, first profiled at SHMI-10 in St. Louis last summer, are intended to advance scholarship, promote research, and enhance ISHMII’s influence globally in the realm of structural health monitoring. The seven new committees are:

  • Task Force on Standardization – Chair: Zhishen Wu
  • Committee on Resilient Structures and Infrastructure (CORSI) – Chair: Gian Paolo Cimellaro
  • CHSM in the Middle East, Gulf and African Regions – Chair: Mohamed Zaki
  • Data-Enhanced Infrastructure Engineering – Chair: Aftab Mufti
  • Next Generation Technology Development in Infrastructure Monitoring – Chair: Hamed Ebrahimian
  • The Early Career Researchers Committee of ISHMII (ECR-ISHMII) – Chair: Ting-Hua Yi
  • Committee on Industry/Corporate Relations – Chair: Wilson Wong
  • ISHMII Educational Activities Committee Members

Contact Info
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  • ISHMII Administrative Center c/o University of Manitoba Department of Civil Engineering, A250 – 96 Dafoe Road Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2 Canada