On-site Investigation techniques for the structural evaluation of historic masonry buildings

Bond between Masonry and CFRP Sheets in Presence of Curvature
M.A. Aiello, P. Corvaglia, A. Fortunato & A.M. Marzano

A Method for Urban Restoration Applied to Ortigia (Sicily, Italy)
F. Braga, G. Monti & G. Scalora

Survey and restoration: the case of the block between Vicolo II and Vicolo III at the Giudecca of Ortigia, Sicily
F. Braga, G. Monti, D. Liberatore & G. Scalora

A Conservation Plan Method for Historical City Centres
F. Braga, G. Monti & G. Scalora

Load-Bearing Capacity of Masonry Arch Bridges Strengthened with Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites
J.F. Chen

IRT Survey for the Quality Control of FRP Reinforced R.C. Structures
P. Corvaglia & A. Largo

Reduction of the Lateral Thrust of Masonry Arches and Vaults with FRP Composites
L. De Lorenzis, R. Dimitri & A. La Tegola

Failure of Masonry Arches Under Impulse Base Motion
L. De Lorenzis, Matthew DeJong & J. Ochsendorf

SHM on Historical Heritage: Robust Methods to Face Large Uncertainties
A. De Stefano & P. Clemente

Scour and Undermining Effect on Masonry Arch Bridge: The Experimental Model
A. De Stefano

Transport Infrastructures, Sensing materials, Maintenance and Durability (TISMAD)
A. De Stefano

Out-of-Plane Behavior of Unreinforced Masonry Walls Strengthened with FRP Strips
E. Hamed & O. Rabinovitch

Masonry Walls Strengthened with Composite Materials – Dynamic Out-of-Plane Behavior
E. Hamed & O. Rabinovitch

Geometrically Nonlinear Effects in the Flexural Response of Masonry Walls Strengthened with Composite Materials
E. Hamed & O. Rabinovitch

FRP Retrofit of Walls Constructed with Historical Bricks
A. Ilki, M. Ispir, F. As, C. Demir & N. Kumbasar

Seismic Safety of a Historical Row House Complex Built during Ottoman Period
A. Ilki, M. Ispir, C. Demir, E. Karamuk, F. As, N. Cini, M. Aydin, G. Toponder, T. Tulun, N.Kumbasar & S. Akman

Preliminary Structural Assessment of Kariye Monument – Northern Annex
C. Demir, D. Acar, S.O. Terzi, M. Ispir, B. Demirtas, A. Ilki & N. Kumbasar

Seismic Rehabilitation of Historical Masonry Vaults using FRPs – A Case Study
S.S. Mahini, H.R. Ronagh & A. Eslami

Restoration and Structural Health Monitoring of Manitoba’s Golden Boy
A.A. Mufti

Structural Health Monitoring of GFRP Reinforced Beam at Veteran Affairs Brookside Cemetery
E.R. Murison, C. Klowak, D. Sidhu, A.A. Mufti & D. Stephenson

Experimental Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Historic Stone Masonry Walls
M. Sorour, G.A. Parsekian, D. Duchesne, A. Mufti, L. Jaeger & N.G. Shrive

Seismically Induced One-Sided Rocking Response of Unreinforced Masonry Facades
L. Sorrentino, S. Kunnath, G. Monti & G. Scalora

Motion and Control Analysis of Structure Under Earthquake Excitation
C.Y. Wang, C.C. Chuang, S.H. Chen & R.Z. Wang

Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Space Frame Structures
C.Y. Wang & R.Z. Wang

Motion Analysis of Mixed Polyhedral and Ellipsoidal Particles
C.Y. Wang, J. Sheng, C.J. Huang &M.H. Chen

Rehabilitation of Cracked and Corroded Reinforced Concrete Beams with Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Patches
C.Y. Wang, C.C. Shih, S.C. Hong, & W.C. Hwang

Retrofitting of Cracked RC Beams By Externally Patched Flexible FRP Tow-Sheets I: Expertimental Study
C.Y. Wang, M.C. Sun & F.S. Ling

Retrofitting of Cracked RC Beams By Externally Patched Flexible FRP Tow-Sheets II: Prediction Models of Debonding Failure
C.Y. Wang & F.S. Ling

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