SHMII-5 Papers

3. Structural Identification and Model Calibration

Wave Propagation

System identification and response prediction using impulse response from ambient noise measurements of instrumented buildings in Singapore: Haitao Zheng, Kusnowidjaja Megawati

Vibration and Modal Based Techniques

A Hilbert Transform Method for System Identification of Time-Varying Structures: Zuocai Wang, Genda Chen

A Study On The Dynamic Response Of A Cracked Beam Subjected To A Moving Load: Amir Khorram, Firooz Bakhtiari Nezhad, Mohsen Reazaeian

Period variations in a shear wall building due to earthquake shaking: Ruben Boroschek, Rodrigo Carreno

Experimental tests and seismic performance of a concrete bridge: Paolo Clemente, Nicola Impollonia, Fernando Saitta, Stefano Zito

Post-earthquake dynamic behavior of a concrete building: Giacomo Buffarini, Paolo Clemente, Fernando Saitta

Evaluation of the structural health and condition for future modifications and enhancement of life cycle of a steel bridge in México based on the evolution of its dynamic properties: A. Gustavo Ayala

Inverse Problems

Load estimation of impact loads from strain response data for a model bridge using an output-only data approach: Sanjay Chikermane, Pradipta Banerji, Bulusu Vishwanath

Prevention of over-instrumentation during the design of a monitoring system: James-A. Goulet, Ian F. C. Smith

An Effective Method for Locating Damage Elements by Parallel Optimization of Finite Element Model Parameters:  Zheng Yi Wu, Guoqing Xu

Identification of Substructural Vibration Properties from Global Measurements: Yong Xia, Shun Weng, You-Lin Xu

Generating alternatives from multiple models: how to increase robustness in parametric system identification: Emiliano Matta, Alessandro de Stefano

Restoring Force and Excitation Identification for a Nonlinear System with Duffing Oscillator:  Jia He, Bin Xu, Sami F. Masri

Piecewise linear and Nonlinear Restoring Force Identification of a MDOF Dynamic System: Guokai Yuan, Bin Xu, Sami F. Masri

Genetic Optimization Algorithm

Implementation of genetic algorithms in a system identification method for instrumented buildings: José Camargo, David Murià-Vila

Modeling and Simulation

Assessment of a case study subway NATM tunnel design model base on field measurement results: Mohammad Mehdi Amiri

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