1. Actual Application of Real-Time Disaster Mitigation System to High-Rise Building
    M. Takahashi, Y. Uchimura, H. Hagiwara, T. Nasu & Y. Watabe
  2. Application of a Vibration-based Damage Detection Algorithm on a Benchmark Structure
    S. Mikami, S. Beskhyroun, Y. Miyamori & T. Oshima
  3. Design, Installation, and Operation of a Monitoring System for an Interstate Highway Bridge
    N.E. Reader, H.W. Shenton III & M.J. Chajes
  4. EMI-Free Monitoring of a Railroad Bridge for Electric Powered Light Weight Rail Transit
    D. Kang, W. Chung, H. Kim & I. Yeo
  5. Fatigue Analysis of Hanger Cables Exposed to Vibrations at the Great Belt East Bridge
    J.E. Andersen & E. Laursen
  6. Fibre Optic Sensors for Long-Term SHM in Civil Engineering Applications
    W.R. Habel, D. Hofmann, M. Schallert, N. Dantan, K. Krebber & N. Nöther
  7. Field Condition Monitoring of Water Mains in the Canadian Prairies
    T.S. Chaudry, C. Gheorghiu & Y. Hu
  8. Integrity Monitoring of Old Steel Bridge Using Fiber Optic Distributed Sensors Based on Brillouin Scattering
    B. Glisic, D. Posenato, D. Inaudi, F. Persson, F. Myrvoll, & M. Enckell
  9. Large Scale Lifespan Monitoring of High-Rise Buildings Using Long-Gage Fiber Optic Sensors
    B. Glisic, D. Inaudi, L.J. Ming, Y.T. Yew & N.C. Tat
  10. Response Measurement of a Composite Bridge Superstructure Under Static Live Loads
    Z. Hussain, A.N. Khan, A. Nasser & S.M. Ali
  11. Ship Crash Into the River Danube Railway Bridge in Krems – Monitoring and Alarming System for the Damaged Structure
    P. Furtner & H. Wenzel
  12. Structural Health Monitoring of Bridges in Sweden
    M. Enckell
  13. Structural Health Monitoring of GFRP Reinforced Beam at Veteran Affairs Brookside Cemetery
    E.R. Murison, C. Klowak, D. Sidhu, A.A. Mufti & D. Stephenson
  14. Structural Health Monitoring of Lindquist Bridge
    D.D. Sargent, E.R. Murison, A.A. Mufti & B. Bakht
  15. Structural Health Monitoring of the Lingotto Cable-Stayed Pedestrian Bridge with Optical Fiber Sensors
    I. Talebinejad, C. Fischer, F. Ansari, L. Giacosa & A. DeStefano
  16. Tracking the Effects of Changing Environmental Conditions on the Modal Parameters of Tamar Bridge
    J.M.W. Brownjohn & P. Carden
  17. Underground Tunneling Monitoring Based on Sensitive Optical Fibre Cable and Brillouin Reflectometry
    V. Dewynter, S. Magne, S. Rougeault, N. Le Loc’h, P. Ferdinand, M. Aubrit, M. De Broissia, F. Vallon, L. Avallone, C. Leple & A. Poulain
  18. Wavelet-based Vibration Analysis of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
    H. Katsuchi, H. Yamada & S. Kusuhara
  19. Working State Monitoring on a Pile-Supported 18-Storyed Frame-Shearwall Structure
    J. Song & T. Zhou

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