Keynote Lectures

Autonomous Bridge Monitoring & Inspection

Damage Identification

Data Processing & Management

Field Applications

Indirect Sensing

Integrated Systems

Inverse Problems in Bridge Management

Monitoring of Rehabilitation

Non-Destructive Testing

Miscellaneous Topics

Safety Evaluation


SHM: Philosophy & Education

SHM & Bridge Security

SHM of Geo-Tech Systems

SHM of Heritage Structures

SHM of Marine & Harbour Structures

SHM Miscellaneous

Smart Materials & Structures

Standardization of SHM Systems

Structural Analysis & Reliability Assessment

Structural Identification of Constructed Systems

Wireless Sensing

Civil Engineering Education Reform Workshop

Transformation of Civil Engineering Education, Research and Practice, Emin Aktan (Drexel University) and Aftab Mufti (University of Manitoba)

Curriculum Reform Needs for Civil Engineering Education in the USA, Jose Roesset (Texas A&M University)

Preparing the Professional of Tomorrow, Richard Anderson (ABET-ASCE)

Civil Engineering Education in Japan, Yozo Fujino (Tokyo University)

Civil Engineering Education Reform – Challenge of Kansai University, Masahiro Dogaki et. al (Kansai University)

Bologna and Civil Engineering in UK, James Brownjohn (University of Sheffield)

Civil Engineering Education in Switzerland, Ian Smith (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)

Canadian Perspective of Civil Engineering Education and Future Prospects, Roger Cheng et. al (University of Alberta)

Civil Engineering Education: Strengths and Weaknesses – Western Canadian Perspectives, Susan Nesbit et. al (University of British Columbia)

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