JCSHM – Volume 11, issue 5, November 2021

17 articles in this issue

Application of multisynchrosqueezing transform for structural modal parameter identification

Hu Sun, Shengkui Di, Changsheng Xiang

Published: 02 July 2021, Pages: 1175 – 1188

Noncontact stress measurement technique for concrete structure using photoluminescence piezospectroscopy

Namgyu Kim, Jong-Jae Lee

Published: 07 July 2021, Pages: 1189 – 1200

On the denoising of structural vibration response records from low-cost sensors: a critical comparison and assessment

Gabriele Ravizza, Rosalba Ferrari, Vasilis Dertimanis

Published: 09 July 2021, Pages: 1201 – 1224

Damage identification using the PZT impedance signals and residual learning algorithm

Osama Alazzawi, Dansheng Wang, Content type:Original Paper

Published: 20 July 2021, Pages: 1225 – 1238

Ayvalıkemer (Sillyon) historical masonry arch bridge: a multidisciplinary approach for structural assessment using point cloud data obtained by terrestrial laser scanning (TLS)

Oguzhan Safak Batar, Emre Tercan, Engin Emsen

Published: 21 July 2021, Pages: 1239 – 1252

Damage identification under ambient vibration and unpredictable signal nature

Behzad Saeedi Razavi,Mohammad Reza Mahmoudkelayeh Shahrzad Saeedi Razavi

Published: 02 August 2021, Pages: 1253 – 1273

Mexico City during and after the September 19, 2017 earthquake: Assessment of seismic resilience and ongoing recovery process

A. Tena-Colunga, H. Hernández-Ramírez, L. E. Pérez-Rocha

Published: 03 August 2021, Pages: 1275 – 1299

Building information modeling-based bridge health monitoring for anomaly detection under complex loading conditions using artificial neural networks

Tae Ho Kwon, Sang Ho Park, Sang-Ho Lee

Published: 03 August 2021,Pages: 1301 – 1319

New dehumidification system design and dehumidification test for the main cable of suspension bridge

Wei Chen, Ruili Shen, Rusong Miao

Published: 11 August 2021, Pages: 1321 – 1335

Modal identification and fatigue behavior of Eynel steel arch highway bridge with calibrated models

Fezayil Sunca, Mustafa Ergün, Fatih Yesevi Okur

Published: 12 August 2021, Pages: 1337 – 1354

Innovative stabilization diagram for automated structural modal identification based on ERA and hierarchical cluster analysis

Xijun Ye, Peili Huang, Liu Mei

Published: 16 August 2021, Pages: 1355 – 1373

Recognition and location of steel structure surface corrosion based on unmanned aerial vehicle images

Qinghua Han, Nan Zhao, Jie Xu

Published: 20 August 2021, Pages: 1375 – 1392

Evaluation of the consistency of bridge inspection quality in New York State

Anil Kumar Agrawal, Glenn Washer, Ran Cao

Published: 25 August 2021, Pages: 1393 – 1413

Full-field non-destructive image-based diagnostics of a structure using 3D digital image correlation and laser scanner techniques

Mehrdad S. Dizaji, Devin K. Harris, Jeffrey C. Hill

Published: 28 August 2021, Pages: 1415 – 1428

On the integration of multi-temporal synthetic aperture radar interferometry products and historical surveys data for buildings structural monitoring

Fabio Di Carlo, Andrea Miano, Andrea Prota

Published: 04 September 2021, Pages: 1429 – 1447

Data-driven crack behavior anomaly identification method for concrete dams in long-term service using offline and online change point detection

Yangtao Li, Tengfei Bao, Kang Zhang

Published: 06 September 2021, Pages: 1449 – 1460

Reliability assessment of a building complex with four long-span roof structures based on wind tunnel experiments

Mingfeng Huang, Gui Tang, Yi-Qing Ni

Published: 09 September 2021, Pages: 1461 – 1475

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