JCSHM – Volume 11, issue 4, September 2021

Tilt mapping for zigzag-shaped concrete panel in retaining structure using terrestrial laser scanning

Hyungjoon Seo

Field dynamic performance testing and analysis of polyurethane track and ballasted track in a high-speed railway

Zhenwei Xiong, Jianxing Liu, Ping Wang, Ganzhong Liu, Jieling Xiao, Sixin Yu

All-season monitoring of concrete repair in an urban tunnel in Brussels using embedded ultrasonic transducers with emphasis on robustness to environmental variations

Cédric Dumoulin, Arnaud Deraemaeker

Comparison of hierarchical clustering based deformation prediction models for high arch dams during the initial operation period

Jiang Hu, Fuheng Ma

Displacement mapping of point clouds: application of retaining structures composed of sheet piles

Yang Zhao, Hyungjoon Seo, Cheng Chen

Fatigue crack detection in welded structural components of steel bridges using artificial neural network

Maryam Mashayekhi, Erin Santini-Bell, Saeed Eftekhar Azam

Deep learning-based visual defect-inspection system for reinforced concrete bridge substructure: a case of Thailand’s department of highways

Pravee Kruachottikul, Nagul Cooharojananone, Gridsada Phanomchoeng, Thira Chavarnakul, Kittikul Kovitanggoon, Donnaphat Trakulwaranont

Mitigation of geohazard risk along transportation infrastructures with optical fiber distributed sensing

Fabien Ravet, Fabien Briffod, Alexandre Goy, Etienne Rochat

Distributed dynamic fibre-optic strain monitoring of the behaviour of a skewed masonry arch railway bridge

Sam Cocking, Haris Alexakis, Matthew DeJong

Selecting the appropriate wavelet function in the damage detection of precast full panel building based on experimental results and wavelet analysis

Mojtaba Hanteh, Omid Rezaifar, Majid Gholhaki

Development of slope deformation monitoring system based on tilt sensors with low-power wide area network technology and its application

Aulia Dharma Putra, Hikaru Toda, Achmad Hafidz, Kouji Matsuba, Yuuichi Kimikado, Yoshinori Takahashi, Shinji Tsuzuki, Naoki Kinoshita, Hideaki Yasuhara

Detecting, localizing, and quantifying damage using two-dimensional sensing sheet: lab test and field application

Vivek Kumar, Bianca Acot, Levent E. Aygun, Sigurd Wagner, Naveen Verma, James Sturm, Branko Glisic

Ambient vibration testing and operational modal analysis of monopole telecoms structures

Jose Alfonso Jimenez Capilla, Siu-Kui Au, James Mark William Brownjohn, Emma Hudson

Experimental verification for load rating of steel truss bridge using an improved Hamiltonian Monte Carlo-based Bayesian model updating

Shubham Baisthakur, Arunasis Chakraborty

Strain predictions at unmeasured locations of a substructure using sparse response-only vibration measurements

Sofia Puerto Tchemodanova, Masoud Sanayei, Babak Moaveni, Konstantinos Tatsis, Eleni Chatzi

Nonlinear finite element model updating using constrained unscented Kalman filter for condition assessment of reinforced concrete structures

Pranjal Tamuly, Arunasis Chakraborty, Sandip Das

Structural damage identification using modified Hilbert–Huang transform and support vector machine

Yansong Diao, Dantong Jia, Guodong Liu, Zuofeng Sun, Jing Xu

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