Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

SHMII-10 Porto, Portugal – June 30 to July 2, 2021

Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

“SAMPE Fellow Award” to Urs Meier – Award for pioneering CFRP achievements

Urs Meier received a prestigious award for his achievements in the field of carbon fibermore…

Parallel Sessions 6

Parallel Session 6: System Integration & Implementation

PS06-01 Sensor Placement: Acceleration Sensors vs. Displacement Sensors by Fabio Casciati and Sara Casciati

PS06-02 Structural Health Monitoring System of Steel-Tube Arch Bridge: Design and Implementation of a Teaching Demonstration Platform by Yi-qiang Xiang, Xiao-wei Ye, Li-chang Zhang, and Xiao-yang He

PS06-03 Structural Health Monitoring System Optimization for a Bridge by J. Leroy Hulsey, Feng Xiao, and Gang S. Chen

PS06-04 Structural Health Monitoring and Infrastructure Automation by Andrea E. Del Grosso

PS06-05 Long Term Monitoring of Structural Repairs to a Precast Hollow Core Slab System Using a Wireless Sensor Network by Craig Appelman, Mark Byram, and Marcus Schmieder

PS06-06 Construction Monitoring Constraints and Challenges: A Feasibility Study by P. R. A. Fidler, P. J. Vardanega, P. J. G. Long, G. T. Webb, J. S. Stehle, and C. R. Middleton

PS06-07 Framework and Preliminary Application for Continuous Network-Wide Health Monitoring of Roadways by R. Birken, D. Vines-Cavanaugh and M. L. Wang

PS06-08 Evaluation of Wireless-Based SHM System with On-Site Earthquake Early Warning and Radio Triggered Function in Seismogenic Zone by Shih-Lin Hung and Chun-Ting Ding

PS06-09 Mobile Inspection System for High-Resolution Assessment of Tunnels by M. Gavilán, F. Sánchez, J.A. Ramos and O. Marcos

PS06-10 Optimizing Sensor Placement and Dynamic Measurements of Verrazano Narrows Bridge Span by Z. Y.Wu, X. Yi, J.Zhao, A. Jeary, T. Winant, R. Love and S. Bhide

PS06-11 Instrumentation, Monitoring and Modeling of the Tallest Cable-Stayed Bridge in Mexico by Roberto Gomez-Martinez, Luis M. Arenas-Garcia, Adrián Pozos-Estrada, Raul Sanchez-Garcia, Jose A. Escobar-Sanchez and Oscar Rosales- Gonzalez

PS06-12 Structural Health Monitoring of a Warren Truss Hanger by Michael Morin and George Akhras

PS06-13 Developing an IT-Based SHM System for Bridge Management by Andrew Scullion, Chris Day, James Brownjohn, and Ki-Young Koo

PS06-14 Design of a Smart Substructural Health Monitoring System for the New I-10 Twin Span Bridge Over Lake Pontchartrain by Murad Y. Abu-Farsakh, Sungmin Yoon, Zhongjie Zhang, W. Allen Marr and Da Ha