Mini-Symposia Session 7: Australian Network of Structural Health Monitoring
Organizers: Profs. Tommy Chan and Ying Wang

MS07-01 Smart Rehabilitation of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures for Enhanced Structural Health Monitoring by B. Uy, X.Q. Zhu, O.Mirza, I.Henderson, and S. Pathirana
MS07-02 Generalised Damage Identification Scheme via Sparse Representation by Y. Wang and H. Hao
MS07-03 Vibration Based Damage Identification of a Scale-Model Steel Frame Structure Subjected to Bolt Connection Failures by Ali Mete Ay, Ying Wang, Sui-yang Khoo, and An-jui Li
MS07-04 Modal Flexibility Method for Structural Damage Detection in Suspension Bridges by Wasanthi R. Wickramasinghe, David P. Thambiratnam, and Tommy H.T. Chan
MS07-05 Monitoring the Structural Integrity of Timber Bridges under Dynamic Traffic Loads Using a High Speed Camera by John C Moore, Seyed S Mahini, Rex Glencross-Grant, and Robert Patterson
MS07-06 Validating Prediction Accuracy of an Integrated Deterioration Method Using the NBI Dataset by G.P. Bu, J.H. Lee, H. Guan, Y.C. Loo, and M. Blumenstein
MS07-07 Substructure Damage Identification Using Wavelet-Based Response Reconstruction: Experimental Studies by Jun Li and Hong Hao
MS07-08 Comparative Studies on Wavelet-Based Damage Detection Using Responses of a Bridge Subjected to Moving Load by Weiwei Zhang, Hong Hao, and Jun Li
MS07-09 Damage Evaluation of Rebar-Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Ultrasonic Waves by Y. Lu, J.C. Li, S. Mustapha, and L. Ye
MS07-10 Structural Damage Identification Based on Residual Force Vector and Response Sensitivity Analysis by H. Li, Z.R. Lu, and J.K. Liu
MS07-11 Synergic Identification of Moving Loads and Structural Damages by Zi-ru Xiang, Ling Yu, and Tommy H.T. Chan
MS07-12 The Structure of Monitoring Strain Data for Long span Bridges: Type Separation and Event Extraction by Baijian Wu, Zhaoxia Li, and Tommy H.T. Chan
MS07-13 Finite Element Model Updating Using Estimation of Distribution Algorithms by Ying Wang and Tong Zhang
MS07-14 Experimental Characterization of the Modulus of Elasticity of Timber Utility Poles Using Static and Dynamic Material Testing Approaches by R. Elsener, U. Dackermann and J. Li

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