1. A Low Power Wireless Sensor Network for Structural Health Monitoring
    J. Meyer, R. Bischoff, G. Feltrin & M. Motavalli
  2. A Novel Optical Fiber Sensor for Steel Corrosion in Concrete Structures
    C.K.Y. Leung, K.T. Wan & L. Chen
  3. Acoustic Emission Technology For Intelligent Infrastructure
    T.R. Hay, D.R. Hay, D.W. Greve, I.J. Oppenheiem, T.R. Wei Wu, A.P. Wright, A. Ledeczi & P. Volgyesi
  4. An Autonomous Networked Wireless Device for Structural Health Monitoring
    F. Bastianini, V. Plessi, S.S. Sarvestani, N. Galati & A. Nanni
  5. Evaluation of a Rugged Fiber Optic Sensor System for Monitoring Reinforced Concrete Structures
    A. Bagchi, A.A. Mufti & E. Murison
  6. Fire Detection and High Strain Monitoring Using Distributed Brillouin Sensors with Carbon Coated Fiber
    W. Li, C. Zhang, X. Bao & M. Du
  7. Flex-Patch: A Novel, Rugged, Fiber Optic Strain Sensor for SHM Applications
    S. Ferguson, D. Snyder & A. Mendez
  8. Load Identification of Flexural RC Structures Using Distributed FBG Sensing System
    K. Yang, H. Araki, A. Yabe & Z. Wu
  9. Removable Actual-Stress Sensor
    S. Sumitro, H. Hoashi, T. Okamoto & M.L. Wang
  10. Research and Development of Bridges Structural Health Monitoring with a Wireless Sensor Network
    J. Su, S. Cai, J. Zhang, W. Li & Z. Li
  11. Research and Development of Coefficient-Adjustable FBG Strain Sensors
    Z. Zhou, S. Sun, J. He & J. Ou
  12. The Electrochemical Fatigue Sensor: A Novel Sensor for Active Fatigue Crack Detection and Characterization
    B.M. Phares
  13. Use of Lock-In Amplifier and PID Control in Distributed Brillouin Sensor System for Stabilization of EOM Bias Voltage Drift
    J. Snoddy, F. Ravet, Y. Li & X. Bao
  14. Verification of High Accuracy and Contact Measurement System using FSF Laser Optical Coordinate
    S. Umemoto, N. Miyamoto, K. Kubota, T. Okamoto, T. Hara & Y. Fujino

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