1. Composite materials, damping, monitoring: A comprehensive approach to the safety of civil engineering structures at EMPA
    A. Bergamini & M. Motavalli
  2. Design of seismic arrays for structural systems
    D. Rinaldis, P. Clemente & A. De Stefano
  3. Smart sensing of bridge deformation
    P. Chang, M. Wang & R. Eguchi
  4. Safety campus: Significance, management & structure
    B.Y. Liu, L.Y. Ye & M.L Xiao
  5. Chloride permeability of concrete containing nano-particles for pavement
    M.H. Zhang & H. Li
  6. Load bearing capacity investigation of multibarrel tube-confined concrete
    J.H. Zhao, H.X. Guo, X.Y. Wei & W.J. Pei
  7. Investigation of interfacial resistance of the interface between concrete and polymer-cement mortar in tile applications
    T. Mahaboonpachai & T. Matsumoto
  8. Statistical analysis for divergence of specific resistance of carbon fiber reinforced cement
    X.C. Guan, B.G. Han & J.P. Ou
  9. Structure self-diagnosing of asphalt-based composites
    S.P. Wu & X.M. Liu
  10. Self-monitoring of deformation of bituminous composite materials containing conductive fillers
    S.P. Wu, X.M. Liu, P. Yang & Q.S. Ye
  11. Smart cement paste stress/strain sensors and self-sensing concrete structural members
    B.G. Han & J.P. Ou
  12. Experimental study of simple concrete and reinforced concrete beams monitored and driven by shape memory alloy
    Z.Q. Liu & H. Li
  13. Loop shaping control of a model story building using smart materials
    V. Sethi, G.B. Song & M.A. Franchek
  14. SMA Adaptive tuned vibration absorber
    A. Shafieezadeh, D. Gsell & M. Motavalli
  15. Sensing properties of carbon fiber and hybrid fiber reinforced polymer bars as strain sensors
    X.Y. Zhang, B. Wang & J.P. Ou
  16. An innovative pre-stressed method by anchored CFS underside the removed bridge beams
    J. Zhuo, F.M. Wan, H. Zhou & T.N. Li
  17. Structural health monitoring of structures repaired with wrapped and sprayed fibre reinforced plastics
    N. Banthia & Y. Khalighi
  18. Structural configuration and analysis of Kiewitt single layer CFRP reticulated domes
    H. Li & L.Q. Zhang
  19. Intelligent control on long-run deflection for prestressed concrete bridges
    D. Hu
  20. The wind-induced multi-responses of high-rise buildings and intelligent vibration control
    S. Yan & W. Zheng

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