1. Monitoring the movement of the bearings at the Ponte 25 de Abril
    S. Hoffmann & K. Bergmeister
  2. Structural monitoring and identification approaches
    K. Bergmeister, U. Santa & A. Strauss
  3. Integrated design of long-term health monitoring system and routine bridge management system
    X. T. Zhou, N. Li & C. Zheng
  4. The research and application of temperature monitoring and warning system of large volume concrete
    T. He, M. Zhao & J. Li
  5. Monitoring the behaviour of the Traneberg Bridge during retrofitting
    M. Enckell & H. Larsson
  6. An opening system monitoring dam health
    Z.P. Wen, H.Z. Su & Z.R. Wu
  7. Real-time analysis expert system for concrete dams
    C.S. Gu, Z.R. Wu & H.Z. Su
  8. Long-term structural health monitoring of the Crowchild Trail Bridge
    T.R. Van Zwol & J.J.R. Cheng
  9. Integrating structural health monitoring and information technology for efficient bridge management
    M. Susoy & F. N. Catbas
  10. Fuzzy intelligent system of safety assessment for river-way levee
    D.J. Zheng, C.S. Gu, P. Lei & Y.Y. Liang
  11. Guidelines for monitoring and assessment – A SAMCO initiative as a basis for the international standardization
    W. Rücker, R.G. Rohrmann & F. Hille
  12. An improved vibration method in the applications of arch bridge suspender tension tests
    D.S. Li & J.P. Ou
  13. Health monitoring of stay cables by using optical FBG Technology
    N.C. Deng, Z. Zhou, D.S. Li, J.P. Ou, Y. Long & W.X. Zhu
  14. Research on health monitoring of Harbin Sifangtai Bridge in China
    X.F. Zhao, S.Z. Tian, H. Li, L.Q. Hou & J.P. Ou
  15. Intelligent sensor system for the structural health monitoring
    J. Teng, H.J. Liu, W. Lu & Y.H. Zhu
  16. Calculation and field monitoring on ground settlement caused by groundwater pumping
    J.X. Song, T.H Zhou & Y.C. Guo

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