Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring. Volume 10 Issue 5 Published

SHM for informed management of civil structures and infrastructure

Maria Pina Limongelli

Pages 739–741

Using bridge weigh-in-motion systems to monitor single-span bridge influence lines 

Aleš Žnidarič & Jan Kalin

Pages 743–756

MaDnet: multi-task semantic segmentation of multiple types of structural materials and damage in images of civil infrastructure

Vedhus Hoskere, Yasutaka Narazaki, Tu A. Hoang & B. F. Spencer Jr.

Pages 757–773

Performance-based post-earthquake decision making for instrumented buildings

Milad Roohi & Eric M. Hernandez

Pages 775–792

Understanding the guided waves propagation behavior in timber utility poles

Jad El Najjar & Samir Mustapha

Pages 793–813

Extraction of contact-point response in indirect bridge health monitoring using an input estimation approach

Rajdip Nayek & Sriram Narasimhan

Pages 815–831

Bridge flexural rigidity calculation using measured drive-by deflections Daniel Martinez, Abdollah Malekjafarian & Eugene Obrien

Pages 833–844

An innovative hybrid strategy for structural health monitoring by modal flexibility and clustering methods

Alireza Entezami, Hassan Sarmadi & Behzad Saeedi Razavi

Pages 845–859

Assessment of bridge natural frequency as an indicator of scour using centrifuge modelling

Kasun D. Kariyawasam, Gopal Madabhushi, Stuart K. Haigh & James P. Talbot

Pages 861–881

EEMD-HT transform for identifying modal parameters of fixed offshore jacket platforms using vibration response measurement

Nguyen Thanh Trung

Pages 883–897

Time series-based SHM using PCA with application to ASCE benchmark structure

Kundan Kumar, Prabir Kumar Biswas & Nirjhar Dhang

Pages 899–911

Seismic and structural health monitoring of Cabril dam. Software development for informed management

Sérgio Oliveira & André Alegre

Pages 813–925

Two-dimensional pitted corrosion localization on coated steel based on fiber Bragg grating sensors

Ying Huang, Fodan Deng, Luyang Xu & Fardad Azarmi

Pages 927–945

Reduction of wildfire hazard by automated monitoring of vegetation interference with power lines: point cloud analysis combined with cable mechanics

Shakhzod M. Takhirov & Mukhady Sh. Israilov

Pages 947–956

Mitigating effects of temperature variations through probabilistic-based machine learning for vibration-based bridge scour detection

Wei Zheng, Feng Qian, Jinlei Shen & Feng Xiao

Pages 957–972

Identification of damage parameters during flood events applicable to multi-span bridges

Ali Karimpour, Salam Rahmatalla & Corey Markfort

Pages 973–985

Statistical evaluation of wind properties based on long-term monitoring data

Xiao-Wei Ye, Yang Ding & Hua-Ping Wan

Pages 987–1000

A portable monitoring approach using cameras and computer vision for bridge load rating in smart cities

Chuan-Zhi Dong, Selcuk Bas & F. Necati Catbas

Pages 1001–1021

Bearing assessment tool for longitudinal bridge performance

David Garcia-Sanchez, Ana Fernandez-Navamuel, Diego Zamora Sánchez, Daniel Alvear & David Pardo

Pages 1023–1036

Structural condition assessment of reinforced-concrete bridges based on acoustic emission and strain measurements

Imane Bayane & Eugen Brühwiler

Pages 1037–1055

One-dimensional convolutional neural network-based damage detection in structural joints

Smriti Sharma & Subhamoy Sen

Pages 1057–1072

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