Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring. Volume 10 Number 3 Published

In this issue:

Combined joint and member damage identification of skeletal structures by an improved biology migration algorithm Seyed Bahram Beheshti Aval & Pooya Mohebian

Long-term monitoring of the track-bridge interaction on an extremely skew steel arch bridge Jiří Kašpárek, Pavel Ryjáček, Tomáš Rotter, Michal Polák & Rui Calçada

Predicting the compressive strength of unreinforced brick masonry using machine learning techniques validated on a case study of a museum through nondestructive testing Mayank Mishra, Amanjeet Singh Bhatia & Damodar Maity

Development of video analytics with template matching methods for using camera as sensor and application to highway bridge structural health monitoring P. Xiao, Z. Y. Wu, R. Christenson & S. Lobo-Aguilar

Health monitoring and dynamic analysis of an earth-fill dam at the stage of first impounding: case study—Siahoo dam of Iran Amin Eslami, Ali Ghorbani & Seyed Vahid Shahraini

Field-testing and numerical simulation of vantage steel bridge Alaa El-Din A. El-Sisi, Osama M. El-Husseiny, Ehab B. Matar, Hossam El-Din M. Sallam & Hani A. Salim

Seismic damage identification by fitting the nonlinear and hysteretic dynamic response of monitored buildings Gaetano Miraglia, Erica Lenticchia, Cecilia Surace & Rosario Ceravolo

A robotics and computer-aided procedure for defect evaluation in bridge inspection Francesco Potenza, Cecilia Rinaldi, Erika Ottaviano & Vincenzo Gattulli

A framework for assessing the value of information for health monitoring of scoured bridges Pier Francesco Giordano, Luke J. Prendergast & Maria Pina Limongelli

A fast-convergent approach for damage assessment using CMA-ES optimization algorithm and modal parameters Behzad Ghahremani, Maryam Bitaraf & Hossein Rahami

Bridge frequency estimation strategies using smartphones Jase D. Sitton, Dinesh Rajan & Brett A. Story

Thermal response separation for bridge long-term monitoring systems using multi-resolution wavelet-based methodologies Xiang Xu, Yuan Ren, Qiao Huang, Dan-Yang Zhao, Zhao-Jie Tong & Wei-Jie Chang

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