JCSHM Volume 10, Issue 2 Published

Monitoring and evaluation of bridges: lessons from the Polcevera Viaduct collapse in Italy
Paolo Clemente Pages 177-182

Model-free damage detection of a laboratory bridge using artificial neural networks
Aaron Ruffels, Ignacio Gonzalez…Pages 183-195

Dynamic monitoring of bridges during static load tests: influence of the dynamics of trucks on the modal parameters of the bridge
Fabrizio Gara, Vanni Nicoletti…Pages 197-217

Optimizing the operating profit of young highways using updated bridge structural capacity
Wen-Jun Cao, Wang-Sheng Liu, C. G. Koh…Pages 219-234

Dynamic structural health monitoring for concrete gravity dams based on the Bayesian inference
Giacomo Sevieri, Anna De Falco Pages 235-250

Vibration-based damage indicators: a comparison based on information entropy
Maria Pina Limongelli…Pages 251-266

Customised active monitoring system for structural control and maintenance optimisation
Bernardino Chiaia, Giulia Marasco…Pages 267-282

On the estimation of the ductility demand on reinforced concrete bridge piers from structural health monitoring data
Aleksandar Zhelyazkov, Daniele Zonta…Pages 283-295

Towards rapid and robust measurements of highway structures deformation using a wireless sensing system derived from wired sensors
M. O. Furkan, Q. Mao, S. Livadiotis…Pages 297-311

A big data analytics strategy for scalable urban infrastructure condition assessment using semi-supervised multi-transform self-training
Mohamad Alipour, Devin K. Harris Pages 313-332

Long-term strain measurements of traffic and temperature effects on an RC bridge deck slab strengthened with an R-UHPFRC layer
Bartlomiej Sawicki, Eugen Brühwiler Pages 333-344
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Internal crack detection in concrete pavement using discrete strain sensors
Mohanad Alshandah, Ying Huang, Zhili Gao…Pages 345-356

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