2019 and 2020 Aftab Mufti Best Paper Medals

With great pleasure, the editorial board of the Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring and ISHMII introduce the recipients of the 2019 and 2020 Aftab Mufti Best Paper Medals for excellence in their original research published in the JCSHM.  The medals were awarded at SHMII-11, held in Montreal, Canada in August 2022.

JCSHM recognizes excellence and awards the authors of the best paper from each volume with the Aftab Mufti medal. The Aftab Mufti Medal honors the service, dedication and lifetime achievements of Dr. Aftab Mufti, a co-founder and the first president of ISHMII.

The committee responsible for the selection of the best paper published in volume 9 of the journal was chaired by Professor Maria Giuseppina Limongelli and included Professors Mustafa Gul, Alvaro Cunha, Alexis Mendez, Su Taylor, Ting-Hua Yi and Yong Xia.  The committee responsible for selection of the best paper in volume 10 was chaired by Professor Vistasp Karbhari and included Professors Christian Boller, Francisco Carrion, Nishio Mayuko, Pilate Moyo, Rebecca Napolitano, Mayuko Nishio and Jian Zhang. The two committees followed a rigorous selection procedure.  As Editor-in-Chief, Professor Farhad Ansari has sent the committees his thanks for their attentiveness.

Join us in congratulating authors Gianluca Crotti and Alfredo Cigada for their 2019 paper “Scour at river bridge piers: real-time vulnerability assessment through the continuous monitoring of a bridge over the river Po, Italy”, which appeared in September 2019 Vol. 9; Issue 4, pp. 513-528.  And, authors Mohamad Alipour and Devin K. Harris for their paper “A big data analytics strategy for scalable urban infrastructure condition assessment using semi-supervised multi-transform self-training”, which appeared in April 2020 Vol. 10;  Issue 2, pp. 313–332. 

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