Talübergang Warth is located on motorway A2, 63 km south of Vienna. One of the non coupled twin bridges (direction to Graz) was tested. The bridge has 7 spans and a total length of 459 m. The continuous cross section of the bridge does have a width of the carriageway of 14,0 m. The height of the regular cross section is 5,0 m. The box girder bottom width is 6,2 m which is extended to 8,0 m under the carriageway.

To convince the engineering community that vibration monitoring is a valuable technique for structural assessment a proof of significance is essential. Therefore it is of paramount importance that existing bridges are going to be tested. In the framework of an European research project SIMCES several bridges were one bridge was extensively instrumented to setup a long term test for quantifying the degree of variance due to environmental influences and also due to differences induced by the parameter choice of the selected system identification methods. In addition some initial measurements were carried out, in order to present the capabilities of System Identification Techniques. Moreover the intention was to create a initial measurement of the structure, which might be used for future monitoring and maintenance concepts.

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