Top 100 SHM Enterprises Nomination form


ISHMII is an international professional society as a leader of the Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) community. In order to promote a broader range of applications of the SHM technology together with the leading enterprises with key SHM technologies and products as well as systems design and solutions provisioning capabilities, ISHMII desires to create a list of “Top 100 SHM Enterprises” worldwide.

This list will be a good opportunity for these companies to be recognized globally as a leading SHM industrial sector as well as being a strong voice in the community, and to help our society to identify and address key technical needs from the end users. This list-up will also help further consolidate the industry-university-research cooperation.

ISHMII will promote these enterprises through media, publications and activities such as the technical reports, design/implementation standards (codes and guidelines), the Monitor as the official Newsletter of ISHMII, the Website and sizeable Membership Network.


The aim of the Top 100 SHM Enterprises is to advance the understanding and applications of SHM for civil infrastructure, in the engineering profession and community.

The objectives of the Top 100 SHM Enterprises are to:

  • Provide a focal point for international sharing of knowledge and experience.
  • Promote collaboration to maximize the benefit of the international research and innovation.
  • Foster international harmonization of design and practice standards.
  • Further the acceptance of SHM by the engineering community and beyond.
  • Advocate further innovations.


Recommendation Criteria

The recommended enterprise must meet the following requirements simultaneously:

  • Engage in SHM-related business with key SHM technologies, key SHM products, advanced system design capabilities, or solutions provisioning capabilities.
  • Have implemented three or more SHM-relevant engineering applications.
  • Have more than 1 expert talent in SHM.

Nomination and Voting Process

All ISHMII Members will be invited to identify and recommend SHM companies that could be included in the Top 100 SHM Enterprises document ISHMII will develop.  

  • Complete the attached nomination form.
  • The completed forms can be submitted  to the attention of Charleen Choboter at with “SHM Enterprises” in the subject line;
  • All nominations are to be received by December 15, 2020 at 4pm CDT.
  • Submissions will be reviewed and selected through the vote of the ISHMII Council.

Contact Info
Praesent quis risus nec mi feugiat vehicula. Sed nec feugiat arcu.
  • ISHMII Administrative Center c/o University of Manitoba Department of Civil Engineering, A250 – 96 Dafoe Road Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2 Canada