Mini – Symposia Session 3: Advanced Opto-Electronic Sensing Technology in Geo-engineering Monitoring

MS03-01 Integrated Pore Water Pressure and Displacement Profile Monitoring in Ground by A.B. Huang, C.C. Wang, J.T. Lee, and Y.T. Ho
MS03-02 Study on the Performance of Geotechnical Structures Using Fiber Optic Sensing Technologies by Hua-fu Pei, Jian-hua Yin and Zong-jin Li
MS03-03 Performance Monitoring of a Slope Model Using Distributed Fibre Optic Sensors by H.-H. Zhu, B. Shi, J.-F. Yan, J. Zhang, C.-C. Zhang, and J. Wang
MS03-04 Application Of FBG Technology in Stress Monitoring for Anchor Rods by Weng Xiao-lin, Ma Hao-hao, Li Hong-yan, and Liu Bao-jian
MS03-05 Experiment Study on Carbon Coated Heating Optical Fiber for Sand Leakage Monitoring Based on Distributed Temperature System by J.F. Yan, B. Shi, D.F. Cao, H.H. Zhu, and G.Q. Wei
MS03-06 Structure Inspecting and Monitoring of Suspension Bridges by Tsai Wen Kuo, Chung-Yue Wang, Ming-Hung Chen, Shao-Hsun Hung, Wei-Fan Chen, and Chien-Hsiang Wang
MS03-07 On Distributed Monitoring for the Multi-Field Information in Slope by B. Shi, H.T. Jiang, H.H. Zhu, and G.Q. Wei
MS03-08 Fast Diagnosis Techniques for Wheel Defects of Railway Train by Hsin-chu Tsai, Jia-zhong Guo, Ming-hung Chien, Tsai-Wen Kuo, Chung-Yue Wang, Wei-hua Chieng, and Hwa-yaw Tam
MS03-09 Study on Characteristics of Surface Potential during Test of Settlement and Deformation Of Branch Pile under Load of Reaction Beam by Xiao-qian Deng, Xiao-fei Liu, En-yuan Wang, Jin-bei Xu, and Dong-wei Pan
MS03-10 Electromagnetic Radiation Monitoring and Warning for Rockburst of Laneway in Mining by Xiao-fei Liu, En-yuan Wang , Xiao-qian Deng, and Xiao-ran Wang
MS03-11 Application of an Inbuilt Displacement Measurement System in a High Arch Dam Geo-Mechanical Model by Geng-xin Yang, Yuan Chen, Lin Zhang, Jian-hua Dong, Jian-ye Chen, and Bao-quan Yang
MS03-12 Performance Monitoring of Cement Grouted Soil Nails in Cut Slopes Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors by Chengyu Hong, Jian-Hua Yin, Hua-Fu Pe, and P. Lin

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