One key aspect for the development and competitiveness of a country, and moreover, for the well being of its society, is the quality and size of its infrastructure. In this regard, many countries are doing their best efforts to build new infrastructure, adequate in size but technologically advanced and efficient. Also, several countries devote significant resources and efforts to maintain and rehabilitate outdated or damaged infrastructure. All these efforts are conducted under the leadership of engineers and scientists who are continuously looking for more robust methodologies and processes, and for advanced technologies to secure the safety of the public, as well as to reduce costs and impact on the environment. In many cases, such efforts are particularly significant because of the countries location and exposure to different kinds of natural phenomena capable of producing disasters, as well as to the expansion and diversification of cities and economic sectors.

With this in mind, the 5th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure, SHMII-5 2011, was organized with the aim to provide an opportunity for scientists, practitioners, and enterprises from around the world to share and discuss the latest knowledge and techniques for structural health monitoring of intelligent infrastructure. This conference brings together worldwide professionals from the broad range of disciplines, such as smart sensors, wireless sensor networks, signal acquisition and processing, and real-time data transferring and management. As a result of the call of papers, 130 papers were accepted for publication in the Conference Proceedings, and for presentation at the Conference.

The Conference papers cover the following topics:

1. Sensors and Instrumentation

2. Signal Processing and Data Management

3. Structural Identification and Model Calibration

4. Structural Health Monitoring and Evaluation

5. Structural Safety and Prognosis

6. Vibration Control and Damping

7. Practical Applications

8. Damage Control, Repair and Strengthening

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