Friday, September 13th, 2019

Zhishen Wu re-elected to a second term as ISHMII President

The ISHMII Administrative Centre is pleased to announce that Zhishen Wu, PhD has been re-electedmore…

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

Dan M. Frangopol, F. ISHMII releases his publication, Life-Cycle of Structures Under Uncertainty: Emphasis on Fatigue-Sensitive Civil and Marine Structures.

Please join us in congratulating Dan M. Frangopol, F. ISHMII on the release of hismore…

Topic 1 – Smart & Other Advanced Sensors

Cable live load effects – based smart stay cables, Lan, C.M., Li, H.

Qualtity control of tendons: Control of the filling with grout with passivating properties during installation, Büchler, M., Brem, M., Ganz, H.-R.

Improvement on Health Montiroing System Using Self-diagnosis Materials for Practical Application, Inada, H., Inada, Y. Okuhara, Y., Hayashi, Y.

Toward A Smart Pavement Monitoring System, Lajnef, N., Chatti, K., Chakrabartty, S., Faridazar, F.

Long Sensing Gauge Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor with Pretension, Zhao, X., Song, G., Fernandez, M., Ou, J.

Reinforced Concrete Pile Load Testing with Fiber Optic Sensor, Tremblay, J., El-Gamal, S., Wattanasanticharoen, E., Benmokrane, B.

Raman versus Brillouin optical fiber distributed temperature sensing:an outdoor comparison, Dubois, J.-P., Delepine-L, S., Tran, V.-H., Buschaert, S., Mayer, S., Henault, J.-M., Salin, J., Moreau, G.

Detection of concrete neutralization using novel fiber optic sensor, Tomiyama, T., Nishizaki, I., Sakai, T., Kubouchi, M.

Practical Application of an Optical Fiber Sensor for Corrosion in Concrete Structures, Leung, C.K.Y., Wan, K.T., Chen, L.

A New Micro Electromechanical Capacitive Strain Sensor for SHM Applications, Majeti, S., Ganesan, S.

A fiber optic cantilever sensor for static and kinematic tilt determination in two axes, Macheiner, K., Brunner, F.K.

Smart Textiles for SHM of Geostructures and Buildings, Belli, R., Glisic, B., Inaudi, D., Gebreselassie, B.

Embedded Sensors for Life-Time Monitoring of Concrete, Van Every, E., Deyhim, A.

Using different pulse pair base BOTDA to improve spatial and strain resolution, Bao, X., Li, Y., Kalosha, V., Chen, L.

Smart composite CFRP rods with embedded FBG sensors for structural health monitoring, Largo, A., Corvaglia, P., Caponero, M.A., Maddaluno, G.

Monitoring moisture levels in stone masonry using Duff gauge sensors, Uddin, M., Mufti, A., Polyzois, D., Shrive, N., Jaeger, L., Stephenson, D., Duchesne D., Paquette, J.

Long-term Monitoring of Steel Strand Prestress Loss by Using FRP-OFS,  Zhou, Z., Chen, G., Ou, J.

Crack detection application for fiber reinforced concrete using BOCDA-based optical fiber strain sensor, Imai, M., Nakano, R., Kono, T., Ichinomiya, T., Miura, S., Mure, M.

Distributed Polymer Optical Fiber Sensors in Geotextiles for Monitoring of Earthwork Structures, Liehr, S., Lenke, P., Wendt, M., Krebber, K., Glötzl, R., Schneider-G, J., Gabino, L., Krywult, L.

A distributed fiber-optic sensing system for monitoring large geotechnical structures, Nöther, N., Wosniok, A., Krebber, K., Thiele, E.

Line sensor scanner for structural health monitoring, Sumitro, S., Ito, Y., Uchino, M., Hida, K., Demizu, A., Matsuda, H.

Strain Monitoring by Resistance Measurement of Carbon Fiber Prestressing Tendons in Filigree High Performance Concrete Elements,   Brönnimann, R., Terrasi, G.P.

Monitoring of Old Bridges Using OSMOS System, Kassem, C., Crépeau, L., Benmokrane, B.

High-accuracy 3-D Displacement Measurement with Frequency-Shifted Feedback Laser, Umemoto, S., Hara, T., Fujii, M., Miyamoto, N., Okamoto, T., Ito, H., Fujino, Y.

Fibre Optic Relative Humidity Probe for Long-Term Monitoring of Concrete Structures, Srinivasan, S., Taylor, S.E., Basherr, P.A.M., Sun, T., Grattan, K.T.V.