1. Impacts and mitigation of uncertainty for improving reliability of field measurements
    K.A. Grimmelsman & A.E. Aktan
  2. SHM through optimization using mode shape sensitivities
    D. Giraldo & S.J. Dyke
  3. Identification and model updating of the UCLA Louis Factor Building
    Y. Lei, D. Skolnik, E. Yu & J.W. Wallace
  4. System identification of multi-site pseudo-dynamic experiment using NEESgrid
    L.Y. Xie & A. Mita
  5. System fatigue reliability assessment of existing steel bridges
    C.S. Wang, A.R. Chen, W.Z. Chen & J.G. Nie
  6. Health condition assessment of concrete cable-stayed bridges based on ANN
    X. Shang, B.L. Ma, C.S. Wang & Y. Xu
  7. Methodology for assessing global structural condition of highway bridges
    Y.B. Chen , M.Q. Feng & L.H. Sheng
  8. Rapid scoring of seismic safety index for high-rise buildings in Shenzhen
    M.J. Qiao
  9. Maintenance scenario models for analyzing reliability index profile of deteriorating structures
    J.S. Kong, D.M. Frangopol & C.-B. Yun
  10. Output-based modal parameters identification of a three dimensional structure
    S.Q. Wang & H.J. Li
  11. An improved coupled local minimizers technique for finite element model updating
    Y. Liu & Z.D. Duan
  12. Model updating of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge based on the structural health monitoring signals
    X.H. He, F.L. Huang, Z.Q. Chen & Z.W. Yu
  13. Intelligent evaluation model of rock slope stability
    H.Z. Su, Z.P. Wen & Z.R. Wu
  14. FE model and model updating of Runyang suspension bridge
    H. Wang, A.Q. Li & C.Q. Miao
  15. A dynamic model for dam monitoring
    T.F. Bao, Z.R. Wu, C.S. Gu & D.J. Zheng
  16. Health monitoring of prestressed concrete bridges using artificial neural networks
    Y.L. Mo & C.H. Jeng
  17. Health monitoring system using AdaBoost technique
    H. Furuta & H. Hattori
  18. Optimal sensor placement for space structures based on wavelet intelligent methods and graph theory
    W.M. Yan & H.X. He
  19. Estimating strength demand in displacement-based seismic design
    C.H. Zhai & L.L. Xie
  20. A system of safety evaluation for concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge based on GIS
    M.Y. Liu, A. Lu & H.J. Liu
  21. A practical analytical method to solve equivalent fracture toughness of concrete based on fictitious crack model
    Z.X. Li & Y.G. Liu
  22. Combined numerical simulation method and its application in probability assessment of Runyang bridge
    T. Guo, A.Q. Li & C.Q. Miao
  23. Health monitoring oriented modeling of long cable-stayed bridge
    Z.H. Sun & Z.X. Li
  24. Finite element modeling and model updating for a cable-stayed bridge
    S.L. Li, H. Li & W.S. Zhou
  25. A quantitative risk-based maintenance strategy for coastal RC structures
    J.J. Zheng, L. Shao, K.F. Mao, C.Q. Li & Z.F. Wang
  26. Experimental study of joint characteristics of traditional wooden frame
    Z. Tao, I. Iwamoto & Y. Suzuki

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