W.I.M. and General Monitoring Strategies; Load Effects and Safety Assessment

  1. On the necessary combination of SHM with WIM procedures
    H. Wenzel
  2. Weighing In Motion and Bridge Evaluation
    A. Mufti, B. Bakht, D. Sidhu & W. Saltzberg
  3. Extreme Traffic Load Effects on Medium Span Bridges
    B. Jacob, M. Arroyo, M. Hannachi & D. Siegert
  4. Dynamic Assessment of PSC Bridge Structures Under Moving Vehicular Loads
    H. Hao & X.Q. Zhu
  5. Structural Load Rating and Long-Term Rehabilitation Cost Estimate for the El Prieto Bridge
    F.J. Carrión, M.A. Barousse, J.A. Quintana, M. de J. Fabela, J.T. Pérez, P.R. Orozco &
    M. Martínez
  6. New Features on Instrumentation of Structures
    D. Rinaldis, P. Clemente & M. Caponero

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