During the design procedure of new buildings usually seismic effects are taken into account, resulting in high safety values for these structures. New design codes are already in line with the European EC8 which is describing a detailed calculation procedure. Main problem in context of seismic Events / Meetings is the effect to existing structures, which are always designed according the current standards. Thus it is clear, that the main part of human and economic losses appear for these old structures, which are not appropriate designed. An assessment and improvement of all existing structures which are subjected to excessive seismic loads is not feasible, but the improvement of major structures which must fulfill their function after a seismic event is an economic approach. In particular this fact is important for hospitals.

The hospital Leoben is consisting of several buildings, which are different in case of structural system, construction material, number of floors and age. During the evaluation of the project it turned out, that some single structures are more important because of their structural system, height or condition.

Hospital Leoben

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