Parallel Session 1 – Sensing Technology

PS01-01 Advances of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring by H.N. Li, L. Ren, and D.S. Li

PS01-02 Monitoring and Analysis of a Cable-Stayed Bridge Model Using Wireless Sensor Network by C. Y. Liu, J. Teng, X. Y. He and D. P. Cai

PS01-03 Strain Visualization Sticker for Structural Health Monitoring by Masakazu Omachi, Shuji Umemoto, Takeshi Takaki, Noriyuki Miyamoto, Idaku Ishii, and Tadayoshi Aoyama

PS01-04 Design of WSN System for Huge Spurt Sensing Data Real-Time Transmitting Based on Structure Detection by Dengyuan Xu, Benniu Zhang, Xiaoqin Qin, and Hong Wang

PS01-05 Application of Dielectric Based Capacitance Sensor to Moisture Content Monitoring in Masonry Stones by Jun Hui Zhao, Evangeline R. Murison, Gamal Mustapha and Douglas J. Thomson

PS01-06 Performance of Continuous Wave Radar for Low Frequency Vibration and Static Deflection Testing by Shanyue Guan, Jennifer Rice, Changzhi Li, Guochao Wang, and Changzhan Gu

PS01-07 Wireless Sensor Network Powered by Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
by Roman Klis and Eleni Chatzi

PS01-08 Smart Crack Sensor and its Application in Subway Shield Tunnel by Kui Wang and Hongwei Huang

PS01-09 Bridge Local Scour Monitoring Using Smart Rock by S. H. Jiang, Z. Zhou and J. P. Ou

PS01-10 Intelligent Stress Monitoring For Steel Cables Using Smart Elasto-Magneto-Electric (EME) Sensor by Y. F. Duan, R. Zhang, S. W. Or and Y. Zhao

PS01-11 Uncertainties of Measurements with Metal Foil Strain Gages by A. Hebestreit and G. Gommola

PS01-12 Vibration-Powered Wireless Sensor for Structural Monitoring During Earthquakes by Daniel Tomicek, Y.H. Tham, Winston K.G. Seah and Ramesh K. Rayudu

PS01-13 Applications to SHM Systems of Real Structures Using Intelligent Methods by J. Teng and W. Lu

PS01-14 High-Resolution Sensing Sheet for Damage Detection Based on Large Area Electronics by Yao Yao, Ellen Tung, Naveen Verma, and Branko Glisic

PS01-15 Study on a Novelty Wind Pressure Monitoring Technology in Civil Engineering Infrastructure by D. H. Dan and R. Xiao, W. Cheng

PS01-16 Structural Health Monitoring of an Instrumented Building in Mexico with Accelerometers and GPS Sensors by D. Murià-Vila, J. Camargo, B. D. Aldama, G. Rodríguez, L. A. Aguilar, and M. Ayala

PS01-17 Long Term Monitoring Using Vibrating Wire Sensors by A.J. Simmonds

PS01-18 Deformation Monitoring of Flood Prevention Dams Using Geodetic and Fibre Optic Measurement Techniques by W. Lienhart, S. Lackner, F. Moser, H. Woschitz and G. Supp

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