Thursday, June 27th, 2019

Frangopol awarded 2019 George W. Housner Structural Control and Monitoring Medal

ASCE honor recognizes impact of pioneering work in integrating structural health monitoring in life-cycle engineeringmore…

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

SHM Education Planning & Implementation Workshop on Sunday, August 4

Dr. Chen has collaborated with Dr. VJ Gopu to bring on the SHM Education Planningmore…

Papers Topic 5 Structural Safety and Prognosis

SHMII-5 Papers

5. Structural Safety and Prognosis

Damage Identification and Location

Vibration-based detection of support deterioration under a simply supported timber bridge: Cameron J Beauregard, Leon D Wegner, Bruce F Sparling

Estimation of structural health in concrete bridge decks: A study case: Antonio Javier Garcia Palencia, Erin Santini-Bell

Reliability issues in damage identification via structural health monitoring: Andrea del Grosso, Francesca Lanata

NDE by means of automated Structural Health Monitoring – saving costly bridge repair works: Roman Berger, Thomas Spuler, Gianni Moor, Carlos Mendez

A Comparison Between Two Wavelet Based Damage Detection Approaches To Find Cracks In A Beam Subjected To A Moving Load: Amir Khorram, Firooz Bakhtiari Nezhad, Mohsen Rezaeian

Damage detection in buildings considering Soil-Structure Interaction, utilizing the Baseline Stiffness Method: Josué García Solano, Ramsés Rodríguez Rocha

Improved Acoustic Emission Source Localization with Probabilistic Methods: Didem Ozevin

Assessment of Buried Pipelines Health Condition using Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors:  Branko Glisic, Yao Yao, Kai Oberste-Ufer

The Application of Radar in Detecting Prestressed Steel Reinforcement: Jing Liu, Xiaoyu He

Comparison of signal processing methods: ICA and Wavelet; Modal parameters extraction:  Jose Rodrigo Pacheco Vivero, Eduardo Gomez Ramirez, Francisco José Rivero Angeles, Ramsés Rodríguez Rocha, Mauricio Martínez

Risk Assessment

Diagnosis and Prognosis of Stonecutters Bridge Based on Structural Health Monitoring System: Songye Zhu, You-Lin Xu, Kai-Yuen Wong, Yue Zhen, Shunlong Li, Wen-Feng Huang, Liang Hu

Structural Life Prognosis

Prognosis and Reliability Analysis of a Stayed Bridge Using Monte Carlo Simulation: Francisco Javier Carrión-Viramontes, Juan Antonio Quintana-Rodríguez, José Alfredo López-López

Reliability Assessment

A Bayes-based updating model of traffic loads: application to Nanjing 3rd Yangtze River Bridge: Yiming Gu, Shunlong Li, Hui Li

Fatigue and Reliability Analysis of Long Span Suspension Bridges with SHMS: You-Lin Xu, Zhi-Wei Chen, Yong Xia

Probabilistic Structural Health Assessment of Aerospace Structures:  Jose Garcia, Carlos Ferregut, Shu Guo, Michael Cowan

Vehicular Bridges Piers Reliability: the Case of the State of Mexico: David Joaquin Delgado Hernandez, Juan Carlos Arteaga-Arcos, David de Leon Escobedo, Jair Gonzalez Rojas, Jose Omar Jimenez Miranda, Luis Horacio Martinez Martinez, Jose Emmanuel Rivero Santana

Deterioration Models and Simulations

Analysis of deterioration due to fatigue and prognosis of a typical concrete bridge, using Monte Carlo simulation: Saúl Enrique Crespo Sánchez, Francisco Javier Carrión-Viramontes, Miguel Ángel Pérez Lara y Hernández