Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

“SAMPE Fellow Award” to Urs Meier – Award for pioneering CFRP achievements

Urs Meier received a prestigious award for his achievements in the field of carbon fibermore…

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

Dr. Genda Chen – 2019 SHM Person of the Year Award during at the 12th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Dr. Genda Chen recently received the 2019 SHM Person of the Year Award during anmore…

Papers Topic 4 SHM & Evaluation

SHMII-5 Papers

4. Structural Health Monitoring and Evaluation

Non-Destructive Testing

Structure-integrated fibre optic acoustic emission sensor for concrete pile testing and monitoring: Constanze Schilder, Harald Kohlhoff, Detlef Hofmann, Wolfgang R. Habel

Embedded Piezoelectric Self Sensing-based Smart NDT Techniques for Concrete Strength Evaluation: Seunghee Park, Dong-Jin Kim, Changgil Lee, Seok-Inn Hong

Damage evaluation of concrete beam under dynamic loading based on piezoelectric transducer:  Linsheng Huo, Xu Li, Hongnan Li

Effects of Temperature Variation in Assessing the Interface Delamination between Concrete and Rebar using Ultrasonic Guided Waves: Tao Ruan, Dongsheng Li

Experimentally determined Stochastic Properties of Concrete: Alfred Strauss, Herwig Mayer, David Lehky, Dan M. Frangopol

Bridge Monitoring and Inspection

Measurement system design for damage detection using model-free data interpretation methods: Irwanda Laory, Thanh N. Trinh, Nizar Bel Hadj Ali, Ian F. C. Smith

Application of FBG sensors to monitor the cable forces in a small-scale cable-stayed bridge model: Xin Feng, Zhe Fan, Jian Hu, Liang Ren, Jing Zhou

One year vibration monitoring of a short span bridge under in-service environments: Chul-Woo Kim, Toshiki Sakakibara, Ryo Isemoto, Heng Salpisoth, Yoshinobu Oshima, Kunitomo Sugiura

Experimental investigation of drive-by bridge inspection: Chul-Woo Kim, Ryo Isemoto, Tatsuaki Toshinami, Mitsuo Kawatani, Patrick Mc Getrick, Eugene O Brien

Remote Structural Monitoring Systems – providing long-term confidence in a structure’s condition:  Roman Berger, Gianni Moor, Thomas Spuler, Carlos Mendez

Accuracy of Load Test on a Double-Curved Closed Section Steel Viaduct: Philippe Van Bogaert

Remote moisture monitoring of timber bridges: Thomas Tannert, Roman Berger, Mareike Vogel

Structural Health Monitoring of Steel and Composite Bridges in Rudbar-Manjil Region In Iran: Mehdi Mohammadpour Lima

Experiences with SHM for large civil structures: Hans de Backer, Amelie Outtier, Ken Schotte, Dries Stael, Wim Nagy, Philippe Van Bogaert

Design and configuration of a large scale bridge monitoring system for long term evaluation: José Alfredo López-López, Bernardo Hernández-Sánchez, Juan Antonio Quintana-Rodríguez, Francisco Javier Carrión-Viramontes, José-Luis Moreno-Jiménez

SHM Application for Monitoring of Existing Bridge Pier during Construction of a Water Channel Adjacent to Pier Foundation: Vidya Limaye

A SHM-oriented test-bed for long-span suspension bridges:settlement study: You-Lin Xu, Xiaohua Zhang, Songye Zhu, Sheng Zhan, Hwayaw Tam, Hoyin Au

Alarm Setting Methodology for the Monitoring of Cables in a Stayed Bridge: Juan Antonio Quintana-Rodríguez, Francisco Javier Carrión-Viramontes, José Alfredo López-López, Didier Samayoa Ochoa

Streicker Bridge: assessment of structural health condition through static and dynamic monitoring: Branko Glisic, David Hubbel, Dorotea Sigurdardottir, Jeremy Chen, Jose Pedro Sousa Afonso

Structural Health Monitoring of the Indian River Inlet Bridge: Harray W. “Tripp” Shenton III, Patrick Daniel Carson, Gary Wenczel, Michael J. Chajes

Issues and Solutions Associated with Remote Sensing Applications for Bridge Monitoring: Edd Hauser, Shen-En Chen, Chuck Boyle, Kelly Rehm

Damage Assessment of RC Slabs Using a Practical Ensemble System for Multiple Feature Selection: Nakatsu Koichiro, Furuta Hitoshi, Nomura Yasutoshi, Takahashi Kyosuke, Ishibashi Ken, Hayakawa Yuji

The Research of the Platform for Bridge Visual Inspection Based on Quadrotor Aircraft: Shuri Cai, Jian Su, Wanheng Li, Xiaojing Wang, Jing Liu, Mohai Yuan

Flexural-shear failure of a full scale tested RC bridge strengthened with NSM CFRP: Björn Täljsten, Jonny Nilimaa, Gabriel Sas, Thomas Blanksvärd

Monitoring and Visual Inspection of New Jersey Reference Bridges: Di Su, Dionysius M Siringoringo, Tomonori Nagayama, Yozo Fujno

Application of time series analysis for bridge monitoring:  Gerardo Rodríguez Gutiérrez, Roberto Gómez-Martínez, David Murià-Vila, Joel Mauricio Cortés Patiño, Marco Antonio Mendoza Salas, Abraham Roberto Sánchez Ramírez, Miguel Ángel Mendoza García

Monitoring based Performance Indicators for the Assessment of Jointless Bridge Structure: Alfred Strauss, Roman Wender, Dan M. Frangopol

Bridge monitoring with fiber optics technology. An example of dynamic traffic load monitoring in Mexican bridges: Juan José Orozco y Orozco, Leonardo Bounatian-Benatov, Fernando Sánchez-Domínguez

Monitoring of Thompson’s bridge BFRP reinforced deck with discrete optical sensors: Susan E. Taylor, M Sonebi, D Robinson, S Grattan, Tong Sun

Monitoring of a novel FlexiArch bridge system with soil-structure interaction: M Lydon, Susan E. Taylor, V Sivakukar, D Hughes

Monitoring of Heritage Structures

Concept and Design of a Wireless Remote Monitoring System for the Aqueduct of Queretaro: Roberto Alvarado-Cardenas, Alejandro Aragon-Zavala, Eduardo Rosado Colmenares, Cesar Cardenas Perez, Francisco Javier Carrión-Viramontes

Structural health monitoring of historical buildings: preventive and post-earthquake controls:  Filippo Casarin

The monitoring of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Church with fiber optic technology. Control of the construction of a nearby tunnel: Leonardo Bounatian-Benatov, Fernando Sánchez-Domínguez, Ignacio Poy-Lopez

SHM of Intelligent Infrastructure

Monitoring of corrosion protection in reinforced concrete structures using an integrated pH optode: Ralf Roeben, Roland Huettl, Mathis Kuchejda, Wolfgang R. Habel, Marek Hoehse

Commercial Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Technologies in Transportation: Caesar Singh

Integration for Traditional and Non-Traditional Remote Sensing Technologies into Structural Health Monitoring for Long-Term Condition Assessment: Tess Ahlborn, D.K. Harris, C.N. Brooks, L.l. Sutter

Eye in the Sky: Issues with Sub-Inch Aerial Imaging of Bridge Decks: Shen-En Chen, Chuck Boyle, Meenu Natarajan, Edd Hauser

Corrosion Monitoring by utilizing EM technology: Paul Sumitro

SHM Systems

Implementation of camcorders to measure displacements in structures: Carlos H. Huerta-Carpizo, David Murià-Vila

Structural health monitoring of a high speed railway viaduct: Justo Carretero Pérez, Javier Cortezo García

Structural Analysis and Modeling

Measuring geometrical out-of-plane imperfections in steel tied arch bridges: Amelie Outtier, Hans de Backer, Bart de Pauw, Philippe Van Bogaert

Monitoring of wind velocities and their use to study the wind-induced structural behavior of the Baluarte bridge during construction stage:  Adrián Pozos-Estrada, Roberto Gómez-Martínez, Raúl Sánchez-García, Luis Martín Arenas-García, José Alberto Escobar-Sánchez

Innovations in Civil Structural Health Monitoring

Satellite Sensing Technology to Monitor Bridges and Other Civil Infrastructures:  Daniel Cusson, Parwant Ghuman, Andrian Mccardle

A proven standard for Bridge Health Monitoring Systems: Alexandre Chaperon, Gilles Hovhanessian

Structural Health Monitoring in Civil Infrastructure Applications – New Perspectives: Genda Chen

Dynamic characterization of civil structures using mobile sensors: Johannio Marulanda, Juan Martín Caicedo, Peter Thomson