1. A Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Crack Monitoring Performance of Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors
    Z. Wu & H. Zhang
  2. A Study on the Stability, Reliability, and Accuracy of Neubrescope-Based Pipe Thinning Detection System
    Y. Yamauchi, A. Guzik, K. Kishida & C.H. Li
  3. Evaluation and Monitoring of Cable Loss in Cable Stayed Bridges
    Y. Park, H.M. Koh, U. Starossek, J. F. Choo, H. Kim & J.M. Lee
  4. Health Monitoring of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Overlays at the ChemBioE Building, Vancouver, Canada
    N. Banthia, R. Gupta & P. Dyer
  5. Incorporating Structural Health Monitoring Data to Reliability-based Structural Condition Assessment
    B. Dubey, A. Bagchi & S.S. Alkass
  6. Modal Study of Transmission Concrete Poles for Health Monitoring
    K. Dai & S.E. Chen
  7. Reduction of Accelerations of the Bridge Vibration for High-Speed Trains
    J.W. Kwark, J.R. Cho, E.S. Choi, W.J. Chin & J.W. Lee
  8. Structural Damage Detection Using Changes in Stiffness Properties with Modal Update Technology
    K.H. Hsieh, M.W. Halling & P.J. Barr
  9. Structural Damage Identification of Plate Structures Based on Frequency Response Function and Natural Frequencies
    A. Esfandiari, F. Bakhtiari-Nejad & A. Rahai
  10. Structural Damage Identification Using Mode Shapes
    A. Esfandiari & M. Asadbeigi
  11. System Reliability-Based Structural Health Monitoring with FEM Simulation
    F.N. Catbas, R. Zaurin, M. Susoy & D.M. Frangopol
  12. Tuned Liquid Column Dampers – Effective Damping of Vertical Vibrations
    M. Reiterer, R. Wendner, S. Hoffman, A. Strauss & K. Bergmeister
  13. Vulnerable Component Monitoring: A Novel Concept for Health Monitoring of Complex Structures
    G. Yu & Z. Sun

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