1. The maturing of optical sensing technology for commercial applications
    A. Csipkes, S. Ferguson, T.W. Graver, T. C. Haber, A. Méndez & J. W. Miller
  2. Health monitoring of a full-scale tunnel model using BOCDA-based fiber-optic distributed sensor
    M. Imai, S. Miura & K. Hotate
  3. Prediction of pipeline buckling using distributed fiber Brillouin strain sensor
    L.F. Zou, X.Y. Bao, F. Ravet, L. Chen, J. Zhou & T. E. Zimmerman
  4. Analysis and experimental study on force balance accelerometer
    C.H. Li & X. Guo
  5. A study on damage detection system using smart AE sensor
    T. Yanase & S. Ikegeya
  6. Comparison of recoated fiber Bragg grating sensors under tension on a steel coupon
    E. Rivera, D.J. Thomson & A.A. Mufti
  7. Monitoring system for a cable-stayed bridge using static and dynamic fiber optic sensors
    A.Del Grosso, A.Torre, D. Inaudi, G. Brunetti & A. Pietrogrande
  8. Development and implementation of FBG sensors for bridge health monitoring
    R.J. Sun, L.M. Sun, J.J. Shi, X.F. Yan & J.Q. Gong
  9. Assessment of the safety of continuous steel beams based on average strains from long gage optic sensors
    H.S. Park, S.M. Jung, Y.H. Kwon & J.H. Seo
  10. Research on the FBG stress automatic monitoring system of prestressed reinforcement based on the virtual instrument technology
    X.M. Jin, Y.L. Du, B.C. Sun & X.Y. Li
  11. Advanced fiber grating corrosion sensors for structural health monitoring
    S. Yang, H.W. Cai, J.X. Geng, Z.J. Fang, D.H. Dan & L.M. Sun
  12. Crack detection using distributed fiber Brillouin strain sensor with coherent probe-pump technique
    L.F. Zou, X.Y. Bao, Y.D. Wan & L. Chen
  13. A network sensing system for the structural health of infrastructure and facilities utilized of optical fiber sensor
    M. Nakano, M. Okuno, S. Sasaki & S. Shimodaira
  14. Internal strain monitoring of filament wound pressure tanks using embedded fiber Bragg grating sensors
    D. Kang, C. Kim, S. Park & C. Kim
  15. Cure monitor of concrete cylinder by using fibre optic sensors
    J.S. Leng, S.Y. Du, D. Winter, R.A. Barnes, G.C. Mays & G.F. Fernando
  16. Applications of a fibre optic crack sensor in concrete structures
    C.K.Y. Leung & K.T. Wan
  17. Pulse pre-pump-BOTDA technology for new generation of distributed strain measuring system
    K. Kishida & C-H. Li
  18. Performance of Bragg-grating FOS in bridge application
    B. Benmokrane, A. Debaiky & R. Chahine
  19. Fiber optic tiltmeter based on total internal reflection phenomenon
    A.V. Dyshlyuk, O.B. Vitrik, Y.N. Kulchin, P.V. Anochin & I.A. Morozov
  20. Various types of optical FBG sensors and their applications in SHM
    Z. Zhou & J.P. Ou
  21. State-of-the-art of self-sensing cement composite material and its sensor
    X.C. Guan, H. Li & J. P. Ou
  22. Health monitoring of buried pipelines using Brillouin scattering FOS
    Z.L. Chou, J.J.R. Cheng, X. Bao & L. Zou
  23. Early-age performance monitoring of cement-based materials by using optical FBG sensors
    C. Wang, Z. Zhou, Z.C. Zhang & J.P. Ou
  24. Crack geometry measurement of steel fiber reinforced concrete based on image analysis
    T. Matsumoto & M. Nakanishi
  25. Strain sensing property of carbon black filled cement-based composites
    H.G.. Xiao & H. Li
  26. Active sensing for multi-scale sensor and structural diagnosis
    H. Sohn, S.J. Lee & S.B. Kim
  27. Impact echo scanning for imaging of grout defects to mitigate corrosion in post-tensioned bridge ducts
    A.T. Balkema, G. Westers, L.D. Olson, Y. Tinkey & A. Gibson
  28. Interface transferring mechanism and error modification of FRP-OFBG strain sensors based on Findley’s power law creep model
    J.L. Li, Z. Zhou & J.P. Ou
  29. Evaluation of seismic response of bridge piers by surface mounted optical fiber sensors
    S.A. Bassam, A.G. Tennant & F. Ansari
  30. Corrosion monitoring of PC beams with a novel type of HCFRP sensors
    C.Q. Yang, Z.S. Wu & L.P. Ye
  31. A feasibility research on foundation pit monitoring using BOTDR
    J. Liu, B. Shi, D. Zhang, H.B. Sui & W.B. Suo
  32. An experimental study on thermal state monitoring for permafrost roadbed of Qinghai-Tibet Railway using DTS
    W. Zhang, B. Shi, W.B. Suo, Y. Cai & Q.B. Wu
  33. Calibration test researches on distributed optical fiber strain sensors
    W.B. Suo, B. Shi, W. Zhang & J. Liu
  34. Compensation technique for the structural health monitoring system
    J. Teng & H.J. Liu
  35. Fibre optic method for pipeline integrity control
    A.V. Dyshlyuk, O.B. Vitrik, Y.N. Kulchin, P.V. Anochin & I.A. Morozov

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