1. A comparison of local damage detection algorithms based on statistical signal processing of vibration measurements
    K. Krishnan Nair & A. S. Kiremidjian
  2. An extreme-value-distribution-based method for dynamic reliability evaluation of infrastructures
    J. Li & J.B. Chen
  3. Structural health monitoring of Syncrude’s Aurora II crusher in the Canadian oil sand industry
    V.P. Sharma, J.J.R. Cheng, C.L.Denkhaus & K.Obaia
  4. Qualitative and quantitative damage detection algorithm for structures using pattern classification and sensitivity analysis
    A. Mita & Y.Y. Qian
  5. System identification and structural damage detection: EMD+HT approach
    Y.L. Xu
  6. ARMarkov observers for structural damage detection
    P. Dharap, B.H. Koh & S. Nagarajaiah
  7. Hybrid structural identification strategy suitable for distributed computing
    C. G. Koh, H. J. Goh & Q.
  8. Long Nonlinear strain response of the concrete column to detect the de-bonding and cracks using distributed Brillouin sensor
    X.Y. Bao, F. Ravet & L.F. Zhou
  9. Advances of structural health monitoring by fiber Bragg grating sensor in DUT
    H.N. Li, L. Ren, D.S. Li & G. D. Zhou
  10. Conceptual design and key issues of structural health monitoring system for Donghai bridges
    L. M. Sun, D. H. Dan, Q. W. Zhang & Q. Yue
  11. Experience with RTK-GPS system for monitoring wind and seismic effects on a tall building
    J.M.W. Brownjohn, M. Stringer, G. H. Tan, Y.K. Poh, L. Ge & T. C. Pan
  12. Note on impact of SHM on structural reliability of bridges
    B. Bakht, A.A. Mufti, W. Saltzberg & G. Tadros
  13. SHM in the classroom: A unique educational opportunity
    L.A. Bisby & A.A. Mufti
  14. Embedded quasi-distributed fibre optic sensors for long-term monitoring of 4,500 kN rock anchors in the eder gravity dam in Germany
    W.R. Habel & T. Gutmann
  15. Applications of distributed fiber optic sensing technologies in geotechnical engineering monitoring
    B. Shi, H.B. Sui, J. Liu, D. Zhang, W. Zhang & W.B. Suo
  16. Design approach of health monitoring system for cable-stayed bridges
    H. Li
  17. The monitoring of an extra-dosed bridge, the rationale and design
    W.C. Jau & S.H. Li
  18. Sensing of low-frequency vibration using photogrammetric technique
    C.C. Chang & Y.F. Ji
  19. Modeling of temperature-frequency correlation using long-term monitoring data: Methods and comparison
    Y.Q. Ni, H.F. Zhou & J.M. Ko
  20. An overheight collision detection and evaluation system for bridge girder using piezoelectric transducer
    G.B. Song, C.Olmi & H.Gu
  21. An angle-between-string-and-horizon flexibility for structural damage detection
    Z.D. Duan & G.R. Yan
  22. Experimental study of concrete damage evaluation based on acoustic emission technique
    H.P. Zhu, M.S. Huang & X.Z. Chen
  23. Influence of effect of creeping of the long span prestressed concrete cable-stay bridge on internal forces in structural health monitoring
    Y.Q. Xiang, L. Wang, J.F. Wang & L. Liu

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