1. Performance based bridge design by infusion
    H.M. Aktan
  2. Bridge maintenance system based on asset management
    H. Furuta, M. Dogaki, H. Kataoka, D. Suzuki, H. Fujii & D.M. Frangopol
  3. Variation in vibration characteristics of retrofitted timber-framed house
    A. Nii, D. Ju, Y. Hayashi & Y. Suzuki
  4. Long-term structural health monitoring on concrete structures
    S. Sumitro, S. Kurokawa, K. Shimano & M.L. Wang
  5. Reliability analysis based identification for bridge assessment
    A. Strauss & K. Bergmeister
  6. The effect of different location of steel bar corrosion on RC beams’ dynamic performances
    X. Zhao & W.J. Yi
  7. Relationship between early-age autogenous shrinkage and cement hydration of concrete
    L. Xie & S.X. Wu
  8. A new method to determine the thermal dilation coefficient (TDC) of cement-based material at early-age
    W. Ding & S.X. Wu
  9. Will sustainable development objectives increase the need for structural health monitoring in civil engineering?
    P. Labossière & J.P. Newhook
  10. Whole life assessment of coastal RC structures
    L. Shao, J.J. Zheng, K.F. Mao, C.Q. Li & Z.F. Wang
  11. Evaluation of shrinkage and cracking in modern concrete structures at early-age
    Y.F. Li & S.X. Wu
  12. Sectional damage coefficient of R.C. beam with corroded steel bar in compressive area
    X.D. Zhang
  13. Dependency of dynamic characteristics on environment temperature in cable-stayed bridge
    Z.D. Xu, Z.S. Wu, A.Q. Li & S.Z. Li
  14. Research framework of life-cycle performance based bridge design method
    J.X. Peng & X.D. Shao

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