CSHM-5 (2013)

The 5th International Workshop on Civil Structural Health Monitoring, held in Yamaguchi, Japan on October 24-26, 2013, focused on the SHM and Maintenance of Short and Medium Span Bridges.

The proceedings are edited by Workshop organizers Ayaho Miyamoto, Ilkka Hakola, Akito Yabe, and Hisao Emoto.

In the case of Keynote papers, the Keynote Speaker is indicated with an asterisk.


Index of Contents

Keynote Speeches

K1 Loading Vehicle BELFA ~Development and Experience Gained in 10 Years of Practice by Marc Gutermann*, Carsten Schröder.  Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

K2 Overview and Application of Local Excitation Method (LEM) for Monitoring of Small Damage of Real Bridges by Toshiyuki Oshima*, Yasunori Miyamori, Shuichi Mikami, Tomoyuki Yamazaki, Sherif Beskhyroun.  Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

K3 Railway Track Maintenance of JR East by Atsushi Yokoyama*.  Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

K4 Nondestructive Evaluation and Structural Health Monitoring by Rosemarie Helmerich*, Shuxian Hong.  Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

K5 Global Health Monitoring System of Bridges in Finland by Ilkka Hakola*, Matti Halonen and Petr Hradil. Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

K6 A Platform for Mobile Visualization of SHM Data by Matthew Woelk, Dean K. McNeill*

K7 Development and Practical Application of a Health Monitoring System for Short-and Medium-span Bridges based on Public Bus Vibration by Ayaho Miyamoto*  Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

Papers and Demonstrations

G1 Determining Load Resistance of Existing Concrete Bridges by Risto Kiviluoma, Olli Pyykönen, Minna Torkkel.  Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

G2 A New Impact Testing Method for Efficient Structural Flexibility Identification by Jian Zhang, F.L. Moon.  

G3 Development of the Damage Level Sensor System for RC Railway Rigid~Frame Viaduct by Hiroshi Hamada, Tatsuya Nihei, Noriyuki Miyamoto, Masamichi Sogabe, Yukihiro Tanimura, Katsumi Yamazumi.  Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

G4 A Sensor Network Data Structure for Centralized Post-processing of Events and Trends by Joost Kuckartz, Philip Collier.  Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

G5 Minor Structural Damage Detection using Chaotic Excitation Technique by Tadanobu Sato, Yasutoshi Nomura, Chunfeng Wan.  Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

G6 The Implementations of Damage Detection Scheme to a Skewed Bridge Based on Health Monitoring and Numerical Evaluation (Abstract) by Gakuho Watanabe, Fumiya Tomohiro, Satoshi Goto, Hisao Emoto. 

G7 Assessment, Repair and Health Monitoring for Concrete-Steel Deck of Highway Bridges by Andreas Triwiyono, Gadjah Mada.   Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

G8 Health Monitoring of Short-and Medium-span Bridges using an Improved Modal Strain Energy Method by Parviz Moradipour, Tommy H.T Chan, Chaminda Gallage.  Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

G9 Automatic Data Collection System for Innovative Bridge Health Monitoring Based on Public Bus Vibration by Akito Yabe, Kozo Keikaku.  Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

G10 Fundamental Discussions for Practical Application of Health Monitoring System for Short-and Medium-span Bridges based on Public Bus Vibration by Hisao Emoto, Hideaki Tanaka, Gakuho Watanabe, Ayaho Miyamoto.   Accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

Outline of a Demonstration: Automatic Data Collection System Experiment and Test Information (Jase Bridge) by Akito Yabe.