ISIS Education Modules

ISIS Canada recognizes the importance of technology transfer in enabling the use of innovative infrastructure solutions. As such, a series of Educational Modules on fibre reinforced polymers (FRPs) and structural health monitoring (SHM) technologies has been developed by ISIS Canada for use in undergraduate engineering and technical college curricula. These modules are available free of charge for the use of students and educators.

The next generation of engineers, faced with rapidly deteriorating infrastructure, is destined to face many difficult decisions in maintaining and preserving our civil infrastructure systems. Engineering students must therefore be made aware of the various infrastructure tools at their disposal, including emerging FRP and SHM technologies. The ISIS Canada Education Committee has developed a series of targeted Educational Modules to be used in engineering education curricula by any interested parties. ISIS’ goal in producing these modules is to enable and encourage the teaching of ISIS technologies in educational curricula where these technologies are not currently covered. The modules have been developed to allow seamless integration into various existing courses with 3 or 4-lecture units on FRP and SHM technologies. The target typical civil engineering undergraduate courses include: Mechanics of Materials Civil Engineering Materials Reinforced Concrete Design Infrastructure Rehabilitation. ISIS has endeavored to make the Educational Modules as easy to use as possible, and as such, course notes, lecture slides, handouts, solved example problems, and suggested assignments and laboratories are provided.

Please visit the ISIS Canada website for more information.

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