Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring – Volume 11, issue 1, February 2021 Published

15 articles in this issue

Ground penetrating radar for assessment of reinforced concrete wastewater treatment plant

Paola Machado Barreto Manhães, José Tavares Araruna Júnior, Genda Chen, Neil Lennart Anderson, André Bezerra Santos

Performance of signal processing techniques for anomaly detection using a temperature-based measurement interpretation approach

Rolands Kromanis, Prakash Kripakaran

Dynamic monitoring and data analysis of a long-span arch bridge based on high-rate GNSS-RTK measurement combining CF-CEEMD method

Yanbo Niu, Yun Ye, Weijian Zhao, Jiangpeng Shu

Fibre optic sensing of ageing railway infrastructure enhanced with statistical shape analysis

Haris Alexakis, F. Din-Houn Lau, Matthew J. DeJong

Cable tension monitoring through feature-based video image processing

Chaoyang Chu, Faouzi Ghrib, Shaohong Cheng

Health monitoring of timber poles using time–frequency analysis techniques and stress wave propagation

S. Bandara, P. Rajeev, E. Gad, B. Sriskantharajah, I. Flatley

Detection of post-earthquake damage inside a concrete arch dam using the electromechanical impedance method

Chunyuan Zuo, Xin Feng, Zhe Fan, Yu Zhang, Jing Zhou

Long-term vibration-based monitoring and seismic performance assessment of a wind turbine

Serdar Soyoz, Serap Hanbay, Burak Bagirgan, Ozgun Ergun

Bayesian model updating of a twin-tower masonry structure through subset simulation optimization using ambient vibration data

Pei Liu, Shuqiang Huang, Mingming Song, Weiguo Yang

Structural health monitoring research under varying temperature condition: a review

Qinghua Han, Qian Ma, Jie Xu, Ming Liu

Identifying damage on a bridge using rotation-based Bridge Weigh-In-Motion

E. J. OBrien, J. M. W. Brownjohn, D. Hester, F. Huseynov, M. Casero

Early warning system for the detection of unexpected bridge displacements from radar satellite data

Daniel Cusson, Cristian Rossi, Istemi F. Ozkan

One stage detector (RetinaNet)-based crack detection for asphalt pavements considering pavement distresses and surface objects

Van Phuc Tran, Thai Son Tran, Hyun Jong Lee, Ki Deok Kim, Jongeun Baek, Thanh Tu Nguyen

Combined approach for optimal sensor placement and experimental verification in the context of tower-like structures

Ina Reichert, Peter Olney, Tom Lahmer

A simple PZT transducer design for electromechanical impedance (EMI)-based multi-sensing interrogation

Zhineng Luo, Hu Deng, Lei Li, Mingzhang Luo

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