Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

Engineering Academy of Japan elects Dan Frangopol as foreign associate

Dan M. Frangopol, the inaugural Fazlur R. Khan Endowed Chair of Structural Engineering and Architecturemore…

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Webinar on Load Testing of Bridge

Webinar on Load Testing of Bridges  Date: April 7, 2021 Time: 10 AM to 12more…

Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring. Volume 10 Number 3 Published

In this issue:

Combined joint and member damage identification of skeletal structures by an improved biology migration algorithm Seyed Bahram Beheshti Aval & Pooya Mohebian

Long-term monitoring of the track-bridge interaction on an extremely skew steel arch bridge Jiří Kašpárek, Pavel Ryjáček, Tomáš Rotter, Michal Polák & Rui Calçada

Predicting the compressive strength of unreinforced brick masonry using machine learning techniques validated on a case study of a museum through nondestructive testing Mayank Mishra, Amanjeet Singh Bhatia & Damodar Maity

Development of video analytics with template matching methods for using camera as sensor and application to highway bridge structural health monitoring P. Xiao, Z. Y. Wu, R. Christenson & S. Lobo-Aguilar

Health monitoring and dynamic analysis of an earth-fill dam at the stage of first impounding: case study—Siahoo dam of Iran Amin Eslami, Ali Ghorbani & Seyed Vahid Shahraini

Field-testing and numerical simulation of vantage steel bridge Alaa El-Din A. El-Sisi, Osama M. El-Husseiny, Ehab B. Matar, Hossam El-Din M. Sallam & Hani A. Salim

Seismic damage identification by fitting the nonlinear and hysteretic dynamic response of monitored buildings Gaetano Miraglia, Erica Lenticchia, Cecilia Surace & Rosario Ceravolo

A robotics and computer-aided procedure for defect evaluation in bridge inspection Francesco Potenza, Cecilia Rinaldi, Erika Ottaviano & Vincenzo Gattulli

A framework for assessing the value of information for health monitoring of scoured bridges Pier Francesco Giordano, Luke J. Prendergast & Maria Pina Limongelli

A fast-convergent approach for damage assessment using CMA-ES optimization algorithm and modal parameters Behzad Ghahremani, Maryam Bitaraf & Hossein Rahami

Bridge frequency estimation strategies using smartphones Jase D. Sitton, Dinesh Rajan & Brett A. Story

Thermal response separation for bridge long-term monitoring systems using multi-resolution wavelet-based methodologies Xiang Xu, Yuan Ren, Qiao Huang, Dan-Yang Zhao, Zhao-Jie Tong & Wei-Jie Chang